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( – Buena Park, California

How I heard of this place: I first found out about the Medieval Times when going through a stash of Val-Pak coupons that my sister received in the mail. Sifting through the deals, I found one for a purchase one admission and receive the second free at Medieval Times. When I pointed it out to my sister, we simply had to try it! It sounded like a fun, new and entertaining way to break our Fast one evening…And that evening came up quickly! 

Type of cuisine: Medieval fare, meaning no eating utensils and everything finger-friendly.

Ambiance: A family atmosphere, set in a castle, the place is festive and animated. Each of the employees are dressed in character; characters from the Middle Ages included serfs, knights and wenches and even live horses! The entrance to the castle, lined with stanchions, gave smiling and laughing patrons the feeling of being at an amusement park. Being given passage, the Lords and Ladies were each crowned and bowed or courtsied through into the lit courtyard. A small, stone fountain and patio seating was available for early-comers to partake of beverages and enjoy the sun before entering the main castle. Inside, participants were invited to purchase paraphernalia such as swords, shields, t-shirts and mugs. Announcements were made by staff, in full attire, accents in order, explaining the seating and proceedings of the evening. When entry was granted through the doors, patrons were welcomed into a jousting arena, complete with balcony for the king and princess. As we took our seats in the yellow section, ready to cheer on our knight, the Yellow Knight, we were greeted by the wench, who took our drink orders. The barquettes lined three rows of seating at one side of the arena, overlooking the sandy space where the duels were about ready to begin. Lighting dim, accents aflurry, we had entered the 11th century with our yellow, paper crowns.  

What I ordered: Our metal dishes were first filled with tomato bisque and our metal Medieval Times logoed plates graced with fresh, warm garlic bread. Next, one of the wenches came by with tongs of half roasted chicken for each of us, followed by one BBQed rib on each plate. Finally, we were offered half a roasted potato, more beverages, coffee and then our dessert: warm apple turnovers in a flaky crust. All of this served while we watched duals of jousting, sword fights and more! 

What I loved: I loved the seasoning on most each of the dishes; the chicken and the potatoes, well seasoned, tender and flavorful. The garlic bread was probably my favorite part of the food served, soft inside, crispy outside, buttery and laced with garlic. Delicious.  

Why I loved it: The experience, however nerdy and cheesy, made for one of the best fasting dinners I have had in the past twenty years of fasting! Not to mention, having shared it with loved ones, making for a most memorable and perfect evening.

Cost: Average ($40 per person, including the buy-one-get-one-free admission coupon; normally $60 per person)

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