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How I heard of this place: My friend Lindsay first told me that the brunch at Lola was the best in town, to die for. I tried it once and was hooked. Now I recommend it to out of town guests as one of the Tom Douglas restaurants worth trying, as well as to local friends looking for a weekday brunch.

Lola 3

Type of cuisine: Lola has a “Greek” spirit. Modern Mediterranean and North African riffs on local ingredients.

Lola Dining 2

Ambiance: Modern boutique style – casual to the extent that you can walk in off the street and grab a nice lunch or dinner.

Lola Entry

Formal enough that you can take out-of-town visitors you want to make a good impression on. Somewhat dark interior with windows all around.

Lola Bar

Tall ceilings with intricately decorated ironwork over the lights and to lead you to the restrooms. Booth seating is available throughout the restaurant, for parties of two to six.

Lola Dining

Cozy, bustling, loud and full of people, the space is always busy, and the food worth the wait.

Lola Dining 3

What I ordered:I have a few favorites at Lola, which are the things I order nearly every time I’m there: the Greek omelette ($16) or the Eggs benedict ($16). On this visit, three of the five of us had arrived early and decided to start with the made-to-order doughnuts ($8 for six) served with seasonal cranberry jam and vanilla mascarpone! They were served warm from a white paper bag and lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar. They arrived just in time for the other two to be seated and were gone before we knew it!

Lola Donuts

I decided to order a simple Lola Breakfast ($14) of two eggs, over medium, smoked bacon, smashed garlic fried potatoes and two slices of buttered toast. My parents started with coffee ($2.50 per person), an entire carafe served with cream and sugar. Among our two other dining companions, we had one large cranberry juice ($5) and a small fresh orange juice ($4). My father selected the roasted mushroom omelette ($15), stuffed with goat cheese, melted leeks, and served alongside smashed garlic potatoes, bacon, toast. My mother went for lunch, enjoying an order of the salmon kebab ($16) prepared with capers and tarragon, served alongside Jackie’s Greek salad. One of our dining companions had a hankering for the Lola stack of golden brown pancakes ($14) and pork-maple sausage, vanilla mascarpone, and maple syrup, with an additional side of bacon ($6). The other selected the Washington chicken kebab ($15) with yogurt dill sauce and a Greek salad.

On a return visit, Thursday, 11 February 2016: Years since our last visit, it was time to introduce our out-of-town visitors to Tom Douglas for brunch! Reminiscing about the made to order donuts with seasonal blackberry jam and vanilla mascarpone ($9.50), we simply had to order one for the table!

Lola Individual Donut with Toppings

For our main entrées, I selected the Mushroom Scramble ($13.75) with crimini mushrooms, bacon, scallions and jack cheese, served with smashed garlic fried potatoes and toast.

Lola Mushroom Scramble

My husband chose Lola’s Breakfast ($15.75) with two scrambled eggs, smashed garlic fried potatoes, toast, and maple-pork sausage, with a side of Bavarian Meats smoked bacon ($5.25).

Lola Breakfast

Our guests shared the Omelette ($13.75) and a side bowl of fresh fruit ($5.25). The Omelette was stuffed with lacinato kale, red pepper kopanisti, herb breadcrumbs and served alongside smashed garlic fried potatoes and toast.

Lola Omelette

What I loved: The smashed garlic-fried potatoes are always a hit, perfectly crisp around the edges and soft potato on the inside. The bacon is to die for, thick and crispy, smoky and not too greasy. And, of course, who can deny the beautiful, light, fluffy and hot doughnuts?

Lola Mushroom Scramble Close-Up

Why I loved it: I love Lola for several reasons. Before I forget, I should mention that they have a punch card for brunch/lunch (buy ten get one free), which always gives a place two thumbs up from me. That being said, I also love the booth seating that can be found throughout the entire restaurant, creating a cozy sense of home-quality dining. The staff is always pleasant and available, efficient and very helpful with honest recommendations!

Cost: Average ($14-$16 for a brunch)

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