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( – Northgate

How I heard of this place: I think my first taste of Red Robin was when it opened in Bellingham while I was in junior high school. A friend wanted to celebrate her birthday there, so our large party joined her in celebration.

Type of cuisine: Burgers and fries to start…Now patrons can also enjoy salads, sandwiches, mac’n cheese, prime rib dips, nachos and even pasta.

Ambiance: Bright, cluttered and full of random artwork, from photographs of James Dean to cats, the Red Robin mascot, to Nagel prints. Booths and table-chair seating are available for diners wishing to enjoy their meals. The space is loud with music, children and the bustling of the diners. Serving staff is friendly, bubbly and very customer-service friendly.  

What I ordered: Four of us made our way to Northgate to celebrate a birthday with a free entree of choice! After considering my staple Red Robin burger: honey mustard chicken, I opted for something new: guacamole bacon burger ($9.79) with freshly prepared, zesty guacamole and applewood smoked bacon, melted Swiss cheese, onions, crisp lettuce, tomatoes & mayo. One of my dining companions ordered the burnin’ love burger ($9.59), “You’ll get fired up for the crisply fried jalapeño rings, tangy salsa and spicy Pepper-Jack cheese layered on top of our cayenne-seasoned burger. It’s topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes to cool things off and served on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll with chipotle mayo.” Another wished for BBQ sauce, bacon and to have it monster sized, so we ordered the Whiskey River BBQ burger ($9.29) for him, basted with Red Robin’s signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce and lassoed together with Cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, fresh tomatoes & mayo, we added bacon and asked them to make it a monster (additional $1.99). Our birthday boy ordered the prime rib dip ($13.29), tender prime rib topped with caramelized onions and Provolone cheese, on a rustic baguette with au jus for dipping, served with a side of coleslaw and bottomless steak fries. For dessert, the birthday cheer brought one small sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles (free). The rest of us couldn’t pass up the mountain high mud pie ($6.29) with decadent layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with Oreo® cookies, fudge and caramel on a chocolate cookie crust, served in a pool of chocolate fudge and caramel sauce topped with whipped cream and a cherry.


On a return visit, Sunday, 9 January 2011: Two friends and I decided to stop by for a late night dinner after a study session, one of them craving a cheeseburger.

RR Cheeseburger

On the docket for me was the substitute for the old honey mustard chicken burger ($10.77 including tax), bottomless fries and a side of ranch dressing. To my right, my dining companion ordered the guacamole bacon burger ($9.79) with provolone cheese instead of Swiss, fries and ranch. Our third dining companion, seated directly across from us, started with a strawberry shake ($4.29) and washed that down with the Whiskey River BBQ burger ($9.29), fries and ranch.

On a return visit (in Bellingham), Friday, 10 June 2011: My long-time friend and I made our way to Red Robin after an evening of wedding decoration chatting and perusing at JoAnn Fabrics, building up an appetite. We each ordered our favorite, off the menu: Honey Mustard Chicken Burger ($9.95 each) with extra helpings of bottomless fries and ranch dressing on the side.

What I loved: I love the endless fries! The mud pie, having not had it for about fifteen years was sweet perfection – abundantly sweet caramel and hot fudge, thick Oreo crust and a bounty of whipped cream. Delicious.

Why I loved it: Quick, simple, consistent and free for your birthday!

Cost: Average ($8-$10 per burger with bottomless fries)

This is my attempt at keeping up with the growing foodie culture in Seattle and sharing what I learn and what I eat with those who matter most – my friends and family (and anyone else out there who reads).

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