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( – Greenwood

Stacia's Outisde

How I heard of this place: I first heard about Stacia’s driving by the establishment and noticing the car with plastic dinosaurs and other such creatures, painted, sitting in the parking lot. When I first got the Entertainment Book and I noticed a coupon inside for Stacia’s, I had to try it. My friend Sadiq and I first went to Stacia’s years ago to sample two of our own creations, served with a small bag of fresh made mini chocolate chip cookies!

Type of cuisine: Gourmet pizza using the freshest ingredients. “Stacia’s likes to think that parents who care, won’t settle for just the cheapest pizza. They’ll consider the value of fresh ingredients, the benefits of great taste, and the pleasure in giving their kids something satisfying.Stacia’s also knows kids may not care about such things as freshness and quality but of course that’s what Moms and Dads are for.Parents can feel good about serving their family Stacia’s. Order a gourmet pizza for the adults and a traditional favorite for the kids. Kids love the taste – you’ll love the quality and everyone’s happy.”

Stacias Pizza Stack

Ambiance: Not intended to be a sit-down restaurant, customers walk in, place orders, perhaps take a seat on one of the two or three plastic chairs, and take their fresh-baked, personally created pizza home to enjoy.

And now, Stacia’s is host to a new barquette for in-house dining!

Stacias New Barquette Seating

A small order counter with the kitchen just beyond and the menu pasted up on the wall to the right as you enter.

Stacias Kitchen

What I ordered: The Master of Free, my good friend, Chris had a free, 12″ three topping pizza of choice from Stacia’s for this, his birthday month. He was kind and generous enough to share it with me. Our topping selection needed bacon. That was a certainty. The mushrooms a very close second necessity. Our third and final topping came while we were making the call to place our order to go: artichoke hearts. Although slightly odd, the tangy artichoke was the perfect complement to the salty and greasy bacon and the mushrooms are always a hit on a pizza!

Stacias Wall of Fame

On a return visit, Thursday, April 18, 2013: We were on our first visit to Seattle after our move back home and a Stacia’s coupon immediately had us picking up the phone to place our orders. Among the four of us, we shared two large pizzas. The first, the new Cajun Chicken Ranch ($22.99) made with a creamy ranch sauce, garlic, fresh mushrooms, green bell peppers, and red onions with cajun chicken.

Stacias Chicken Ranch

The second, the new Bacon Double Cheese ($22.99) with ground beef, crumbled bacon, red onions with extra mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Stacias Bacon Double

What I loved: I always love the freshness of the pizza, the flavorful ingredients and the plethora of options for create-your-own pies! Everything from cashew nuts to thai flair, from ranch to taco bean sauce, it’s in your hands! Not to mention the miniature, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that come with each pizza order!

Stacias Cookies

Why I loved it: The pizza is always good. Eaten hot and fresh, or cold the next morning. This is the pizza you come back to time and again. It is especially nice that such gourmet pizza also comes delivered, therefore being enjoyed in the comfort of your pajamas, on the couch, while watching Dancing with the Stars.

Cost: Average ($8-$13 for a individual sized pizza pie)

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