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How I heard of this place: Even though I had been past Pies & Pints in the past and had noticed the logo on the sign outside of the establishment, I always lumped it in with the numerous other pubs in the town and had not considered making my way in. At least not until my friend Whitney recommended it as a perfect, comfort food start to our evening out. Type of cuisine: Meat and vegetarian pies, Australian style, “because they can be eaten from the hand”, as well as traditional bar fare including nachos, chicken wings, sweet potato fries and salads. Pies & Pints has developed its own take on the traditional meat or vegetable pie after hree years of research and development in their very own test kitchens. They pride themselves on using the freshest local ingredients possible, and when available. Their “beef, for instance, is naturally raised Black Angus Beef from Misty Isle Farms, Vashon Island, WA. Naturally raised beef is free of antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants.” And their “pies are hand made. From the stocks, gravies and fillings, to the crafting of the pie itself, our pies are made by hand daily right here in our own kitchen.” An accolade from Greg, published in The Stranger, “Pies & Pints is a convergence of many factors that make for a good bar: tasty food, good beers and mixed drinks, comfy seating, a pool table, and a cozy atmosphere. It’s a good place to be whether you’re catching up with a group of friends or catching up on your book. Food: The meat pies are generally excellent, and there’s a rotating pie of the day. There are good vegetarian pies as well, and you can get any of them with a salad or fries for not much more. The sweet potato fries are very good and also very filling. Drinks: The bar has a good selection of beers including the Trumer Pils. There is also a pretty creative menu of mixed drinks.”
Ambiance: A very neighborhood feel surrounds this establishment, from the proximity to residential properties to the plethora of young children following their parents in to dine in the throes of loud music, inked and pierced servers and people of all shapes, ages and sizes. “Pies & Pints is a convergence of people and ideas dedicated to being a friendly neighborhood public house. We believe in good food, good friends, and good work. We have used local craftsmen and artists to help create our restaurant and continue this policy with our staff who approach their work with passion and artistic flair.” From the outside, one might think she is walking into a small, neighborhood pub, but once inside, the room stretches back, from the restaurant dining area to the bar. The walls are painted in faint, pale yellow and green and the paintings of local artists sparsely offering bursts of color and decor. The space feels large and open, with tall ceilings, but also cozy and intimate. It is definitely a casual go-to for a spontaneous bite to eat with family (although the service and food preparation take time), or as a very comfortable setting from which to enjoy conversation and large quantities of food with friends. It may even be the local pub you frequent with your partner, with whom you have enjoyed years of comfort and ease. “We like the idea of the public house and strive to make Pies & Pints casual, fun, and friendly for all ages.”
What I ordered: My dining companion raved about the mac & cheese ($7.95), hearty macaroni in Welsh beer cheese sauce baked to perfection and sprinkled with chopped basil and bread crumbs and immediately convinced herself that it had to be her course for the night! I felt drawn to the pies, being my first visit to Pies & Pints and selected the chicken, bacon, mushroom and Swiss cheese pie ($9.95), served in a rich, Marsala cream sauce, thick as gravy. I added a side of the mac & cheese, because I was told the dish was too good to be shared (for $1 more).
What I loved: The pot pie. The fluffy, mini pie nearly fooled me by its small size; but as they say, big things come in small packages. The moist chunks of chicken, salty, thick-cut bacon and soft mushrooms swimming in gravy offered the perfect meal for a cold, dark, winter evening. The flaky pie crust made for a lighter addition to the rich and decadent innards. I would definitely eat this pie again…And am going to return for more sampling!
Why I loved it: The entree portions and sides offered are huge, more than enough to consume in one sitting and can easily make for a second meal. I loved the ease and comfort of the space, and the personable, amiable staff, that called out boisterous and warm hello’s and goodbye’s as patrons entered and exited the premises.
Cost: Low to average ($8-$12 per entree)

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