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(No website found at time of publishing) – Maple Leaf
How I heard of this place: My friend Jenna introduced me to this neighborhood cafe, as a place she had driven by on numerous occasions and needed a good excuse – a friend, the snow and no vehicle transportation – to go! We decided today, a snowy, cold, blustery Seattle November day, would be it.
Type of cuisine: Espresso beverages and pastries were in store for the two of us, but the chalkboard menu was extensive! And reviews on Yelp! show an abundance of raves about their rice bowls. Cinnamon rolls, sweet (lemon strawberry) and savory (feta garlic) scones, cookies, creative muffins (like peach and brown sugar) and cake, paired with rice bowls, sandwiches, soup and salads. There is something for everyone – including health nuts, vegans and children – at this small, neighborhood coffee shop/cafe.
Ambiance: A small space with window front includes six to eight tables and chairs in a soothing dark wood are set up around the cafe for optimal seating options while trying best to keep patrons from feeling cramped and imposed upon by neighboring diners. Mosaic art graces the space, as does a quaint, clean and orderly kids toy shelf. A take-one-leave-one bookshelf offers lone diners something to pick up and read while embracing the atmosphere, or passerby to take with them as they make their way back to work or home. A very homey atmosphere, made perfect by the mural and sweet chalkboard menu, the staff are friendly, happy, accommodating and seem to genuinely enjoy working at Cafe Kopi. According to one Yelp!-er: “This place really is the rose that grew through the sidewalk. It’s located in the car hell that is Lake City Way as it approaches Roosevelt, I5, and 80th. It’s just a mess of cars trying to get downtown, to the U or across to Ballard. But once you see that beautiful mural and the glowing neon “Open” sign. You know you have to stop. So what if you have to dodge traffic to get here, it’s worth it.”
What I ordered: Upon entering this new-to-us (and sure-to-return-to) spot, my dining companion and I were pleased to see samples awaiting us on the pastry display case. We each took a healthy sampling (they offered large sample sizes!) of the blueberry scone (and later, also sampled a large wedge of the chocolate chip cookie). It was so moist and crumbly, perfectly sweetened to wash down with coffee, but not overtly so, and a stunning combination of flavors: buttery, with light icing drizzles and large, fresh blueberries! I couldn’t resist and had to order the large blueberry scone ($3) along with my 12-ounce non-fat gingerbread mocha ($3.50) to ring in the holiday season. My dining companion branched off and ordered the seasonal apple harvest crumble scone ($3) with her 16-ounce non-fat peppermint latte.
What I loved: It was suggested that I choose the gingerbread mocha rather than my holiday staple: peppermint mocha, and I feel like I should have gone with my usual. That being said, the beverage was made well, just lacked the sweetness I was craving on this cold, coulda-fooled-me-not-quite-winter day. The blueberry scone, however, was just as tasty, from the first sample bite to the last bite of the meal-sized pastry. My dining companion also seemed pleased with her selection, as it was gone before I realized I should have asked for a sample!
Why I loved it: The space is cozy and comfortable, easy and a natural place to sit and work, read a book, chat with friends or enjoy a casual lunch with colleagues. The staff are incredibly friendly and down to earth, and the other patrons sweet and happy to be a part of this mini community, this respite among the bustling crowds, traffic and noise of Lake City Way.
Cost: Low to average ($3 per pastry or 12-ounce specialty espresso beverage)

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