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( – University Village
How I heard of this place: This does not need to be answered. When it comes to Seattle. When It comes to Starbucks. You would have to be a newborn to not know of it. I cannot even remember the first time I came to this particular cafe…and know that any trip to it, will not be the last.
Type of cuisine: Coffee shop fare with espresso beverages, teas and blended concoctions, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, packaged sandwiches and granola/yogurt, etc.
Ambiance: This is one of the newly remodeled establishments with many brown tones, rustic with modern, industrial feel. Trying to establish a more cozy atmosphere, the large space with windows along two sides, individual, leather sofas and tables/chairs set up throughout the space and outdoors for those seeking glimpses of daylight (sun) in the chilly winter months. The order counter extends across the length of the other two walls, where a line is constantly streaming in and patrons placing orders.
What I ordered: My go to in the winter, holiday season is the Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate, one of the only things I ever order and really the only of time of year that I frequent the establishment. On this visit, I ordered an eight ounce non-fat peppermint hot chocolate ($3) with no whipped cream…bring on the dark chocolate sprinkles! My dining companion ordered a 20-ounce clover brew with steamed whole milk and simple syrup.
What I loved: The sweet and festive peppermint in my warm, red cup!
Why I loved it: It is a reminder of the comforts and pleasantries of the holiday season…And the taste consistent from store to store.
Cost: Average ($3-$5 per beverage)

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