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(No website available at time of publishing) – Lower Queen Anne
How I heard of this place: While my memory is not serving me as to the person or people who first introduced me to Phuket, I believe my first encounter with it was as a means of sampling Thai food in lower Queen Anne that was in a smaller, more intimate space than our oft-frequented Racha (also very Americanized tastes). I believe it was a larger party, because I am always seated at the same canopied booth in the back!
Type of cuisine: Americanized Thai food, where the spice-factor is nearly non-existent (the spicy four star dishes have very little to no spice; this may be inconsistent) and the flavors are more salty and sweet, depending on the dish. But there are many options from which to choose on the menu, allowing every dining companion to find something he/she can enjoy.
Ambiance: Upon entry, the unassuming space welcomed patrons to bar seating at a bamboo-lined counter, where one can watch the chef prepare dishes over the stove. The dark, burgundy interior is complemented by the maroon-colored tablecloths on each of the small, wooden tables in the space. Behind the kitchen is a completely different space! Canopies with bench seating, complete with pillows on which to rest are found against yellow walls and Thai decor. Booth seating is also available, but larger parties (of five or six) are offered these romantic, intimate dining spots.
What I ordered: Of the six of us dining at Phuket, there were five dishes ordered, and enough to spare! One friend and I ordered the broccoli in garlic sauce ($9) with chicken and vegetables (onion, carrots, red and green bell peppers) and a side of brown rice ($1). To my left, an order was placed for phad kee mao ($8) with beef. We were given free reign on the menu item for our last arriving dining companion, seated at the end of the booth; when I asked the server what her favorite was, she said, without hesitation, “the cashew chicken” ($9), so we went for that with four stars. Sitting across from the three of us, one dining companion ordered a salad with pork and white rice. And our final dining companion selected the combination dinner ($18) which came with three entrees of your choosing (beef phad kee mao, thom kha soup with chicken and swimming rama with chicken), and a side of brown rice ($1).
What I loved: I most loved the broccoli in garlic sauce for its full flavor and large portion, enough for two of us to be completely satisfied in one go!
Why I loved it: The location is convenient for sporting events and many shows in the lower Queen Anne area and the food inexpensive and large enough to share.
Cost: Low to average ($8-$15 per dinner entree)

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