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( – Shoreline
How I heard of this place: Looking for a late-night dining spot to settle a greasy food craving? Everyone knows you have just a few options on a Sunday night…one of them being Shari’s.
Type of cuisine: Diner fare. Nothing more to be said.
Ambiance: It’s a diner. What else can one expect? Faux leather booths, laminate tables, large windows and lots of leftover coffee sitting in orange- and brown-rimmed glass jugs waiting for patrons to request a refill.
What I ordered: Interested in a mish-mash of options for a late night meal and snack session, the three of us ordered a variety of dishes from which to sample. One hot chocolate ($2 including a free refill and whipped cream!), a diet Coke, one old-fashioned banana split, served in a large skillet, came three scoops of vanilla ice cream, one topped with hot fudge, one caramel and one strawberries, alongside a half-sliced banana and topped with whipped cream, nuts and cherries on top! My second dining companion ordered the steak & eggs breakfast ($9.99) with a side of bacon, hash browns and topped with mushroom and onions in a garlic butter sauce. I needed only a snack and looking at the late-night, bar-inspired menu, chose the southwestern style cheese fries ($4.99): “impossibly delicious” fries done “nacho style” with melted cheddar and pepperjack cheeses, green onions, black olives, tomatoes and crumbled smoked bacon, topped with a dollop of cool sour cream. We ended the evening with one cup of decaf coffee and a slice of our server’s favorite pie: Creamy Caramel Pecan Crunch: buttery rich caramel and pecans make this layered pie a sweet end to a greasy meal.
What I loved: The banana split was the unanimous favorite of selections at our table this evening. Large, sweet and simple.
Why I loved it: We were seated and served immediately, our server was very friendly and fun! Our table was visited to make sure we were satisfied with our food, but were mostly left to ourselves without interruption or a push to get us out the door.
Cost: Low to average ($2 including tax for beverages; $6-$10 for entrees)

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