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( – Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

How I heard of this place: Having introduced a friend of mine to Carmelita not quite one month ago, when left to the avid meat-eater to select a place for dinner, it was a nice surprise to hear that this was his choice!

Type of cuisine: Vegetarian with many vegan options. To the extent possible, local, seasonal and organic.

Ambiance: Perfect for intimate conversation in a non-pretentious setting. There is a small backroom that might be usable for a small semi-private party. Would recommend taking only up to four people at a time to maintain intimacy of the setting. Music is set to a subtle volume so as to keep from distracting conversations.

What I ordered: For starters, we had one order for a large cup of Crater Lake Root Beer ($3), and a bowl of the soup of the day: roasted butternut squash with pumpkin seed oil, watercress and toasted pumpkin seeds. For dinner, I selected the vegan Arugula pesto pizza ($18) topped with oasted chanterelles, summer squash, Italian fontina, mache & pickled pepper salad. My dining companion ordered the vegan housemade farfalle pasta ($16) with a delicata squash-Asian pear-walnut hash, drizzled with pumpkin seed oil, and topped with crispy sage. When it came time for dessert, my dining companion selected the Barnes & Watson peppermint tea ($2), served in a French press and a Chocolate Muck Muck ($8) or fallen chocolate cake with raspberry compote and vanilla whipped cream to share.

What I loved: Having sampled the Carmelita pizza for the first time, it was truly the more flavorful and delicious of the two dishes. My dining companion seconded the sentiment!

Why I loved it: It’s local, it’s seasonal, it’s organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine that leave you satisfied without feeling too heavy. Plus, on this venture, there were leftovers to enjoy a second (and possibly third) meal!

Cost: mid-range ($11-$18 for each entree)

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