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( – Downtown Bellingham
How I heard of this place: When the first fresh, homemade ice cream shop opens up in your hometown, it’s nearly impossible not to hear of it!
Type of cuisine: Hand-made, hand-packed, organic, local and fresh ice cream in a variety of flavors – from nostalgic to creative, old favorites to surprising new must-haves and can’t-live-withouts.
Ambiance: Open floor plan with modern red and white plastic furniture inspired by 1960s design. Warehouse or garage doors at the front entrance welcome patrons on days when the heat and sun of the Pacific Northwest cannot be missed. Glittery, red barstools can be found at tall, white, plastic tables as well as metal outdoor furniture and tables and chairs throughout. The walk-up order counter is often found with a line that is very likely to head out the door. Tall ceilings grace the comfortable, modern ice cream shop worth a 90-minute drive north for!
What I ordered: On this trip, I sampled the honey assam tea and the super chocolate. My dining companion sampled the blackberry-raspberry cheesecake, cookies ‘n cream and ginger-cinnamon. I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of chai flavor in the honey assam tea and the amazing impression it made on me. So I ordered the indecisive ($3.50) half scoop of honey assam tea and half scoop of cookies ‘n cream. My dining companion was strongly drawn to the cookies ‘n cream and paired the full scoop with a full scoop of the creamy and dense blackberry-raspberry cheesecake.
What I loved: The honey assam tea was the most surprising and flavorful of the five we tried. Cookies ‘n cream is always a winner! The flavors at Mallards are so abundant that really, nothing is bad. It’s more a matter of what you are in the mood for on that trip.
Why I loved it: The ice cream cannot be beat, the local is perfect for people watching, chatting with a group of friends, enjoying a child’s birthday party or taking out a special someone for a casual and enjoyable treat.
Cost: Average ($2.50 for a single scoop in a cup or on a sugar cone)

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