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( – Lower Queen Anne
How I heard of this place: Several years ago, my friend Sasha took me to Suhiland on a Tuesday for their tempura asparagus roll. I went back a couple of times (in Redmond), with my friend Paul, who has a very limited palate, yet not so with sushi.
Type of cuisine: Conveyor belt sushi, sashimi dishes. Udon, miso and other menu items may also be ordered, sight unseen.
Ambiance: Very casual. Bar seating can be found around the conveyor belt. Booths, also adjacent to the conveyor, for parties of up to eight can fit comfortably while watching their food circle the room on small, colorful plates. A perfect spot for children (of all ages) and for those with limited sushi palates. The flavors here are less intense than other sushi establishments and can be an easy introduction for sushi-virgins.
What I ordered: The three of us dining here tonight were very hungry and needed something simple, quick and cheap! We ordered, from the sushi chef, four helpings of the smoked salmon rolls ($1 per plate of four). Off of the belt, we grabbed two plates of krab salad (shredded imitation crab with mayonnaise, gunkan style) for $1 each, one plate of the ebi (boiled shrimp, nigiri style) for $1.50 and the shrimp tempura ($1) with lettuce and mayonnaise (roll style). We also sampled a $1 plate of tuna salad, and two plates ($2 each) of the spicy tuna rolls.
What I loved: Of all the plates sampled, my favorite were the fresh-made smoked salmon rolls. The spicy tuna had a kick, which placed it at second on my list of favorites from the evening.
Why I loved it: The establishment met all of our requirements on this evening: walking distance from the theater, immediate food service and inexpensive.
Cost: Low to average ($1-$4 per plate, with two to four pieces/rolls per plate)

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