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(sweetironwaffles.com) – Downtown
How I heard of this place: Walking towards Cafe Migliore, only to find it closed (for the second time), our disappointed party began our trek towards Pike Place Market to satisfy our lust for warm coffee and a delicious pastry. But as we made our way down the block, the rain ensued and to keep our heads dry and suede shoes unharmed, we dashed into the first cafe we saw, just one block away. Sweet Iron was new and hadn’t been tried by any of the four of us, so this was our chance!
Type of cuisine: Belgian waffles and warm beverages including coffee and tea. Sweet Iron boasts that their waffles are an extraordinary treat, made to order, pressed with authentic cast iron Belgian waffle irons, and created with only the best organic, local and all natural ingredients. These waffles originated in the city of Liège, Belgium and are made with a brioche style dough containing pearl sugar and topped with delicious combinations of the freshest ingredients. Who can turn that down?
Ambiance: A small space with limited seating is found as you enter the cafe. Accents of red along the walls in artistic formation welcome you into the maximum capacity: 12 setting. Small, white tables and chairs, seating about eight people crammed in close proximity assist in the cozy feeling of sharing a meal with friends. Outside, one can find a small table and four chairs – if not being used by a Pomeranian – to partake of waffles and coffee.
What I ordered: Two of the four of us ordered the same brie and basil waffle ($4.99), topped with imported Val de Soane brie, fresh basil and Applegate nitrate free bacon ($1 more) to enjoy a savory waffle like no other. The third in our party opted for the same, minus bacon. Our fourth dining companion selected the classic waffle ($2.99), made with all natural butter, Shepherd’s flour, honey, yeast, and pearl sugar. In our party we also enjoyed a 12-ounce soy latte, a breakfast tea, and a 16-ounce quad-shot latte.
What I loved: I loved the complement of the sweet waffle with the pungency of brie and crisp saltiness of the bacon. The snack-sized portions were perfect for a morning treat to satisfy as you as you begin your day. I can safely say that the sentiment was seconded, thirded and fourthed, as others in our party devoured the delicacies in front of them.
Why I loved it: Firstly, I loved that the place is open on weekends (until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday). I loved the cozy feel of the modern space and the fresh-made goodness of each made-to-order waffle.
Cost: Average ($3-$5 for a satisfying, small breakfast waffle and $3-$5 for coffee beverages)

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