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( – Capital Hill
How I heard of this place: I had driven past it a while back and made a mental note to check it out. I finally had the opportunity to visit when I convinced a friend to meet me there for lunch in February. When I was asked to pick a restaurant for my two vegetarian friends’ rehearsal dinner for family and out of town guests, it was the first place to come to mind! People from out of town and visitors to one of the best food locations in the States would find it impressive, delicious, and very cozy!
Type of cuisine: Gourmet vegan. You won’t even miss the meat…Or notice that it’s not on your plate!
Ambiance: Casual with taste. Dark wood furnishings, tall ceilings, open kitchen with bar seating and tables and chairs for about 30 in the dining area. The warehouse- or garage door-style windows at the front allowed for the space to feel as open in the fresh air as it would be had we been in a European cafe.
What I ordered: Having such a large group of people, we had every opportunity to sample numerous menu options. Firstly, we were served cold water with a slice of lemon, a slice of orange and a slice of cucumber beautifully and colorfully floating inside. My side of the table ordered additional various drinks (beers and hard ciders) and also a handful of appetizers. Among the appetizers were the yam fries, avocado rolls with brown rice, carrots, watercress and nori, chai spiced mashed yams in avocado cups on a bed of fresh spinach, and the stuffed Portobello mushroom salad. For dinner, having narrowed my selection down to three based on the servers top favorites in the entree list, I selected the cornmeal encrusted seitan steak ($17) served in a white wild mushroom gravy with thyme-roasted new potatoes & sautéed red chard. The dining companion (the groom’s aunts) to my right ordered a second off of the three recommendations, black pepper-battered red potato Parmesan ($16) with linguini in fresh tomato basil sauce & vegan mozzarella, served with garlic-lemon broccoli. To her right, her sister ordered the individual pan pizza – selection of day being the pizza margarita ($14) with vegan cheese. To my left, the father of the bride (and I later found out that the groom also ordered the same) selected the Mama Africa burger ($13), a millet & quinoa burger on a house-made fresh baked bun with grilled sweet onions, tomatoes, house salsa & vegan mayo. To his left, the brides good friend from work ordered the raw tacos ($12), which were comprised of sprouted corn tortillas stuffed with avocado, tomatoes, soy ricotta, spinach & cilantro, with fresh salsa. Beyond that, I was unable to tell who ordered what across the table. But everyone was happy! For dessert, everyone at my end ordered the peach and berry cobbler, topped with a sweet, vanilla-infused vegan whipped cream. I believe most everyone skipped the peach tart. At the head table they ordered the last three slices of vegan chocolate mint cheesecake served with a generous spoonful of huckleberry jam.
What I loved: On this trip, on my plate, my favorite thing was the time-roasted new potatoes! I also greatly enjoyed the light and summery freshness of the tomato-basil linguine and the garlic-sauteed chard. For dessert, I would have been happier had my peach-berry cobbler been warm rather than refrigerated. On the other hand, the taste I couldn’t pass up of the chocolate-mint cheesecake was to die for! It may have been the best cheesecake I have ever had; very minty, fluffy chocolate and a dark chocolate cookie crust made for the perfect blend of flavors and textures in a symphony for the taste buds!
Why I loved it: The staff and owner are very friendly and accommodating. They were very gracious with our party of nearly 20 people and made the dining experience one to which none could be compared! They were the only vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the city of Seattle to return our phone calls regarding reservations for a dinner party of 20 and made us feel completely welcome and at ease in the space. Perfect hosts. Glorious location for people-watching and the warm feel of a summer breeze.
Cost: Low to average ($10-$17 for large dinner entrees) *Note that for our large party of 20 (on the reservation), and ordering off of the menu, we were requested to have a minimum $30 order per person.

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