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( – Seattle Center
How I heard of this place: Every year, Seattle boasts one of the most attended and delicious festivals of its kind! The free event (not including the cost of food) brings out the diversity of our community and our city in this annual event. Being a foodie, it’s a festival I wouldn’t miss!
Type of cuisine: You name it, you got it! Everything from Thai iced tea to Greek gyros, Vietnamese pho & sandwiches to all-American fried mac ‘n cheese, Australian road kill to New Orleans fried alligator on a stick, and typical fair food including strawberry shortcake, elephant ears and fried ice cream can be found at the Bite.
Ambiance: Crowded, joyous, filling. The outdoor festival can be enjoyed on a blanket with friends, walking around with family, or running through the fountain. It’s a casual event and welcomes all!
What I ordered: Everyone is happy here, ordering and enjoying what looks best to their palates. I went for the lemon-pepper steak and grilled veggies in a pita ($7) served at Outback Jack’s, the Australian road kill sensation. At our blanket station, we also had the sausage pita from Outback Jack’s, several orders of curly fries ($3 each), chicken satay with rice and salad ($7), strawberry shortcake, and more.
What I loved: The ambiance; being outside with several hundred thousand people, enjoying the sun, the conversation, and the beauty of the Seattle Center and Space Needle can’t be beat. As far as the food is concerned, the curly fries were the big culinary hit in the samples I was privy to.
Why I loved it: It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy time outdoors with – what seems like – all of your Seattle neighbors and friends! The event is free and thus not inhibiting. It is casual enough that you can bring your own food and simply enjoy the company, you can go by yourself and not feel alone, you can take a group of fifteen people and sample more than you would want!
Cost: Free to enter. Food costs vary according to size and restaurant/venue.

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