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( – Tangletown
How I heard of this place: Several friends and I used to hang out at Zoka around 2002 and 2003 when Sadiq introduced us to the large, local coffee shop. One day, just across the street popped up Kisaku and I grew more and more curious about the bustling Japanese restaurant until I had the chance to try it several years later, and again today.
Type of cuisine: Simple Japanese, including sushi, nigiri, bento boxes and other combination plates of vegetable and meat tempura, udon, etc.
Ambiance: Light, open space, with windows all around the simple seating in the restaurant, complete with sushi bar.
What I ordered: We were each offered a light green salad upon being seated. Soon after ordering, four bowls of hot, miso soup were placed in front of us. My three dining companions ordered the sushi combination platter B ($8.50) which included five pieces of sushi and lunch California roll served with miso soup, and nigiri: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish and shrimp. One also ordered a side of the spicy tuna roll ($7) to accompany the combination plate. Wanting to be different, I went for the daily bento ($9.95) with mackerel tempura, seaweed salad, stir-fried chicken and vegetables in soy sauce and California roll (with avocado, cucumber and imitation crab).
What I loved: My favorite dish sampled today was the chicken and vegetable stir-fry in a light soy, garlic sauce. The flavors were simple, light and plentiful!
Why I loved it: I loved the spacious environment, the calmness of the staff and the quick arrival of our beautifully presented and well-prepared dishes.
Cost: Average ($8-$10 for lunch-sized dishes)

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