Jerzy’s Wine Bar (JWB)

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( – Redmond
How I heard of this place: I first learned of JWB when I moved to Redmond in the fall/winter of 2008, as I would pass by it almost daily on my way to and from work. Because of its small and quaint exterior I had always been curious, but it wasn’t until tonight that I finally made the time to enter. Incentive: the Entertainment Book had a coupon!
Type of cuisine: An eclectic combination of foods from South Africa (including shepherd’s pie, chicken and lamb kababs in a curry sauce, sausages) to tapas from Spain and simple French street and comfort food (croque monsieur and crepes).
Ambiance: Quaint and cozy. A small space with only a few tables and chairs per each of the two rooms. A small bar at the front. Yellow-colored walls and windows on all sides. The space looks as if it could have been a home transformed into a restaurant. Conversations at neighboring tables can be heard clearly, but seems more like friends in the same space rather than other patrons who are spreading noise pollution. Very much like entering the home of a friend and having him/her serve you with pleasure and ease, simplicity and comfort.
What I ordered: I ordered one of the savory crepes: poached pears, a generous helping of spinach, proscuitto, walnuts and blue sauce (cambozola-infused bechamel) with a side of potato salad (large chunks of potato in a red sauce, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley). My dining companion ordered the croque monsieur, at the recommendation of our server (the daughter of the owners), which came with a side salad of peas, corn and a hint of red and yellow bell peppers. For dessert, I couldn’t refuse the South African fudge ($2) – an amazingly sweet combination of milk, butter and sugar hand stirred until just right. My dining companion, thinking he was still hungry, ordered a sweet crepe with Nutella and banana, topped with whipped cream. (The dessert crepe was larger than my savory dinner entree crepe.) My dining companion also ordered lemonade, which is made to order (sweeter for those so inclined, and less so for those who prefer the tang and puckered lips.)
What I loved: Surprisingly, the croque monsieur was my favorite thing this evening. The savory nature of the dish, the baked-to-perfection crispy cheese atop the two large slices of French bread, engulfing just the right amount of cheese to ham (more cheese than ham) without being completely drenched in the bechamel. The whole combination came together in a smashing success.
Why I loved it: Firstly, I loved that the owners (mother and daughter served us tonight) are from South Africa! I also loved seeing South African dishes on the menu, including fudge. The food was great, the space quaint and cozy, small with character and the service very friendly and family-like.
Cost: Low to mid-range ($9-$13 for dinner-sized crepe)

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