Daphne’s Greek Cafe

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(daphnesgreekcafe.com) – Renton (at the Landing)
How I heard of this place: My friend Jenna told me about this place when a friend of hers invited her to participate in a fundraiser at Daphne’s to help his organization.
Type of cuisine: Greek flair with very American tastes – the sweet being sweeter and the spiciness limited.
Ambiance: Typical of a fast food restaurant, where you are invited to order at the counter, colorful signs and banners along the walls and in the windows – a bit of system overload with advertisements and promotions. Seating differed slightly with booths, bar tables and stools as well as chairs with tables lining one wall. Soda/Drinks are self-serve, yet napkins and real silverware are already placed at each table setting. Your food is brought to you at your table once ready – within minutes of taking your seat. It is a fast-food joint with restaurant amenities.
What I ordered: Both my dining companion and I were sold when we saw a sign in the establishment for a $7 three-course dinner! There was no looking at the regular menu with the selection being offered for such a low price. Having never eaten at Daphne’s before, neither of us could refuse the pairings being offered. Of the appetizers, I ordered the roasted red pepper hummus with grilled pita. My dining companion ordered the original hummus, also with a side of grilled pita. Of the five options available to us for the entree, we both selected the grilled chicken kabob on a skewer with red onions and green bell peppers as well as the freshly carved gyro on a small pita with cucumbers, tomato, feta and a special sauce. We were each offered our choice of two of the following: rice, fries or salad on the side. For dessert we couldn’t resist the flaky, cinnamon-soaked honey-nut baklava, but were also offered a chocolate covered pecan bar as a second option.
What I loved: My dining companion and I were most impressed with the juicy, flavorful chicken kabob skewers, grilled to perfection with red onions and green bell peppers. The pita bread was light and fluffy, buttered slightly and warmed before serving alongside the original (garlicky) hummus and sweet roasted red pepper hummus. The fries were fried to the most delectable consistency – crisp and golden outside and light and fluffy on the inside. The salad was made of fresh vegetables, crumbled feta and a delicate dressing that flavored the lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber and olive without overpowering the vegetables.
Why I loved it: It’s always hard to find a good Greek restaurant, let alone one that offers you delicious food, quickly and at the most affordable price.
Cost: Low ($7 for a very satisfying and tasty three-course meal)

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