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( – Ballard/Downtown

Cupcake Royale Downtown

How I heard of this place: Cupcakes. Who hasn’t heard of this place? Possibly the first cupcake shop in Seattle before the cupcake made a comeback.

Type of cuisine: Cupcakes and coffee. Tea is also available.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Inside

Ambiance: Cafe-style. Dark wooden furniture, a barquette at the window with seating, displays of cups and t-shirts for sale,

Cupcake Royale Downtown Swag

friendly baristas and colorful cupcakes behind the counter.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Display

Very casual and open to long-term seating with laptop or paper at close range.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Entry

What I ordered: This time, just the one thing: Lemon Mascarpone cupcake – an April 2010 special that I read about the day before in the Seattle Weekly. The Cupcake Royale website describes it best: “Fluffy, velvety lemon cake made with fresh lemon zest, organic sugar, certified-humane eggs, and farm fresh local butter.” It is topped with “a creamy cloud of lemony Italian mascarpone buttercream”.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Cupcakes

On a return visit, Wednesday, 2 July 2014: We entered the downtown store for the first time on our walk home from dinner at Local 360. Our dining companion wanted to treat us to dessert, which would be enjoyed alongside a cup of tea from our rooftop deck.

At the recommendation and suggestion of our barista, we selected a two-pack ($7.30) including Tiramisu: vanilla cake + espresso mascarpone frosting + cocoa powder, and the Raspberry Lemonade: raspberry cake + lemon buttercream.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Takeaway Box

On a return visit, Thursday, 14 August 2014For a friend’s going-away party at work, a handful of us found our way up the street to Cupcake Royale in Capitol Hill.

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill

The usual brightness and happy-go-lucky feel immediately fell over each of us entering the space.

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill Display

With seating at the front, facing East Pike Street,

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill Front Seating

to rows and rows of swag for sale, just behind the register,

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill Register & Swag

distractions abound as we made our selections and headed to our seats. For me, a mini Tiramisu cupcake,

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill Tiramisu Mini

for my husband a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake (to take home as a surprise).

Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

What I loved: The moist density of the light lemon cake. The buttercream also tasted of lemons, but may have been the same that tops other lemon-cream cupcakes.

Cupcake Royale Downtown Coffee

Why I loved it: You always know what to expect – sweetness to perk you up in the mid- to late-afternoon.

Cost: Average for today’s trendy cupcake frenzy ($3.25 per cupcake)

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