Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon

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(snappydragon.com) – Maple Leaf
How I heard of this place: The first time I had heard of Snappy Dragon was while I was waiting for a friend at the Starbucks on Green Lake. Two girls who were walking by made mention of it, trying to figure out how best to walk there while also getting some lake time in. A young woman who was sitting at one of the outside tables interjected into their conversation that “Snappy Dragon is awesome!” She also recommended that they take their walk, get in their cars and drive to Snappy Dragon. Subsequently, a few others had recommended the place to me when I mentioned I was house-sitting in Maple Leaf.
Type of cuisine: Mandarin/ Szechuan style cooking by Judy Fu, a native of China (where she was born) and Taiwan (where she was raised).
Ambiance: Casual, diner-style with separate areas for seating to the right (and behind) and the left of the cashier.
What I ordered: I was there with a friend for lunch, for the first time today, so decided to order one of the vegetarian lunch specials ($6.95 each) in order to sample as many things in one go as I was able. With the lunch combination comes your choice of white, brown or fried rice (I went for fried rice, my dining companion ordered the brown rice), either a spring roll or barbecue pork (we both ordered the spring roll), and your choice of either wonton soup or hot & sour soup (both of us ordered the wonton). For our main entree we had options for either vegetarian (which includes tofu dishes), chicken, beef or seafood. I chose the assorted vegetables, stir-fried in garlic sauce. My friend ordered the Mongolian tofu (which was served with fried tofu and spring onions).
What I loved: While I’m not the biggest fan of nor am I even close to being a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine, I appreciated the very fresh vegetables used in preparing each of the dishes! Large florettes of broccoli, crunchy bell peppers, sweet and crunchy spring onions, and peas graced the assorted vegetable dish with crunch, flavor and freshness.
Why I loved it: I loved that we were seated quickly, that a huge, very filling lunch (enough perhaps for two meals) came out to under $10, including tip!
Cost: low for a large, personal lunch combo ($6.95-$8.25 per person)

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