Tempero do Brasil

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(temperodobrasil.net) – University District
How I heard of this place: When the Brazil and Canada teams went to head-to-head in their “friendly” Seattle game two years ago, all the spectators celebrated at Tempero do Brasil. (Well, it seemed like they were all there.) This was my second time there and I was blown away by the delicious foods on the lunch menu.
Type of cuisine: Seattle’s only authentic Brazilian cuisine – from Bahia most interesting and varied cuisine.
Ambiance: Brightly colored walls and artwork by the Graca (the owner) and Bryant (the other owner) and Graca’s husband welcome you into the arms of Temporo. The staff are friendly, casual and warm. Live music was being played for Graca’s mothers’ 76th birthday and the staff were all in the front room dancing samba. This is the type of scene you walk into. A feeling of being in a quaint restaurant in Brazil (despite the stormy weather), surrounded by happy, energetic and a very friendly mix of friends.
What I ordered: I arrived earlier than my friends, and had to try something as the fragrances of spices and foods were permeating the back room. I had to start with an appetizer of Coxinha, chicken croquettes with hot sauce. When my friends arrived, we each ordered a different sandwich – new to the lunch menu. I sampled each of them and have to say, it is hard to pick a favorite. Each were amazing and full of a variety of flavors that make your taste buds scream with excitement and jump in ecstasy! I invited Graca to bring me her choice between two of the sandwiches, and she brought me the sanduiche carne on a ciabatta bun with medium-rare cooked beef, caramelized onions, garlic aoili and lettuce. One dining companion ordered the shrimp sandwich – grilled potato bun with four succulent and plump shrimp pan seared in garlic and parsley and placed in a perfect line across the bun. The third dining companion ordered the chicken and sauteed mushroom sandwich, also on a ciabatta bun, served with caramelized onions, lettuce and garlic aoili. Pure bliss in each bite.
What I loved: I have to admit that the atmosphere of the restaurant – music, family and friends in celebration – really drew me in. That being said, the food was definitely worth coming back for. In fact, one dining companion said she had been dreaming of the sandwich for days and was so happy to return just to savor it once more.
Why I loved it: The food, the energy, the family-style temper of the place. All of those things make it a restaurant, a family kitchen and dining room, worth every inexpensive penny!
Cost: low to mid for a lunch time sandwich ($6-$6.95)

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