Dahlia Bakery

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(tomdouglas.com/dahlia-bakery) – Downtown
How I heard of this place: Anyone who enjoys eating out in Seattle, and many who don’t, know of Dahlia Bakery, adjacent to the Dahlia Lounge and one of the famous Tom Douglas restaurants/bakeries in town.
Type of cuisine: Light bakery creations, where you can also enjoy breakfast (from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.) and lunch – soups, salads and sandwiches.
Ambiance: Take out. The inside of the bakery is small, which space to hold about five people, ten if you’re squished and nearly out the door. Two tables with six chairs are outside for those who wish to sit and enjoy a pastry, cookie, pie or one of the limited beverage options.
What I ordered: Being my first time there, I had to try a few things. I opted firstly for the famous coconut cream bite (a mini version of the coconut cream pie) for $2.00. Having requested some advice of the lady behind the counter, I also ordered the chocolate butter pecan cream cookie ($2) and the peanut butter cookie ($2) and the Tahitian iced tea (unsweetened). My dining companion ordered the turkey sandwhich ($6.95), which he ate half of and said was “too dry”, and the sour cherry swirl (a shortbread cookie with sour cherry filling.
What I loved: I had a hard time deciding between the chocolate butter pecan cookie and the peanut butter cookie, but I think the winner was the peanut butter. Both were two cookies sandwich around a light, but tasty filling. The small chocolate cookies surrounded the butter pecan cream and the peanut butter cookies, with chunks of peanuts were set below and atop the gooey, soft, creamy peanut butter. The coconut cream bite was my least favorite of the options I chose, though it does come highly recommended (even by a customer who had walked in as I was making my decision).
Why I loved it: It’s a great place to stop in for a quick bite or as you enjoy your walk through town and feel the sudden urge for a small snack or sweet treat. The numerous options in the case look “fun to make”, according to my dining companion and as if the pastry chef has a blast creating each beautifully presented cookie, pie, cupcake, mousse, you name it.
Cost: mid- to high ($2 for a cookie, $7 for a sandwich)

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