Dilletante’s Martini Bar

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(dilettante.com) – Capital Hill
How I heard of this place: I have a feeling anyone who lives in Seattle has either heard of this place or has frequented the place more than once. I probably heard of it eight years ago when I first moved to the Seattle area.
Type of cuisine: While they offer light fare, including soup and salad, they are most known for their decadent chocolate creations. In this new Broadway space, it seems that many come for the chocolate martini pairings to the large portions of sweet treats available.
Ambiance: Swanky. This newer space is not quite as cozy and laid back as its previous space just up the road, but can lend itself to small groups (no more than eight people) enjoying a late night sweet or an intimate evening with your sweetie.
What I ordered: I ordered the Dr. Sloane, my all-time favorite hot cocoa beverage, prepared with a dark Viennese chocolate. I also sampled the daily soup special – a spicy tomato basil bisque topped with cheese and crostini. Others in our group ordered the 72% hot cocoa, which was described as tasting like a “train in India” or a “tire”. It definitely had a similar tambre to the coffee from Columbia and the Ivory Coast (where this chocolate came from). Another dining companion went for the 41% milk chocolate, which she thought tasted better than a train or tire. The Coppenhagen was a chocolate coffee beverage infused with “Persian spices”. While even the Persians were baffled by the idea of “Persian spices” which obviously did not include saffron, sumac or turmeric, the beverage was one of the favorites of the night! One in the party also ordered one of the cakes – an Ephemere Torte with chocolate mousse and a raspberry filling. Even the one bite I took was found to be decadent, rich and delicious.
What I loved: I’m always a fan of the rich but easily drunk Dr. Sloane, giving me my chocolate fix while relaxing over conversation. A simple pleasure and easily swallowed vice.
Why I loved it: It’s open late and offers a great atmosphere for spending time after a night on the town or a wedding when you’re all dressed up with nowhere else to go, with friends over a cup of hot cocoa and enjoyable conversation. The waitress was efficient, amiable and happy to please.
Cost: mid- to high ($3.25 for a cup of hot cocoa)

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