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( – Capital Hill
How I heard of this place: I drove by it when it first opened and made a mental note to check it out at some point. Today was the day.
Type of cuisine: Gourmet vegan.
Ambiance: Casual with taste. Dark wood furnishings, tall ceilings, open kitchen with bar seating.
What I ordered: It’s always fun on the first trip to a new place to check out as much as possible. While the menu has changed from what is posted online, my dining companion and I were able to savor the flavors of two scrumptious dishes, splitting them for more sampling. Amazingly we were on the same wave-length when ordering because the two that caught my attention also caught hers. You know what they say about great minds…First dish: smoked eggplant & artichoke panini with vegan cheese, tomatoes and grilled onions on a light rye bread, served with a side of potatoes roasted with herbs and what seemed to be a butter sauce. The second dish was a mushroom and chard tempeh crepe which included vegan cheese and was also served with the roasted potatoes. The water served upon being seated had subtle hints of fresh, summery cucumber.
What I loved: Initially, having not been acknowledged for at least four minutes upon entering the completely empty restaurant, I was expecting very little by way of food, let alone that the restaurant would last long enough for me to post anything about it. The two cooks in the kitchen continued their conversation as I took off my jacket, debated whether or not to take a seat, and chose instead to read the menu posted on the window. After making my way through the entire lunch menu and half of the dinner menu, I heard a faint “Hello.” from across the room, only to find a young woman approaching hesitantly. Because she wasn’t saying anything, I said that there were two of for lunch. Upon which she showed me my seat and then went to get menus and the cucumber water.
That being said, my dining companion and I were blown away by the potatoes, which took the prize for best thing on our plates! Between the other two dishes – the panini and the crepe – it is hard to say. They were both stellar and worth returning for. The panini was grilled to the exact moment to create the crisp, toasted bread, without being burnt or cutting into the roof of your mouth. The artichoke fresh (rather than canned) by way of flavor and the eggplant prepared just right. The caramelized onions added a flavor and texture which complimented the vegan cheese and smoked eggplant, adding a meat-like (tastes like chicken) flavor to the sandwich. The crepes were a surprising blend of smoked goodness and creamy vegan cheese, accompanied by the lightly blanched chard, which added texture, and green godliness.
Why I loved it: It’s always fun to find a delicious lunch spot which is available to all of our many dietary needs in the city. I also love Plum Bistro because it’s open on Monday’s which seems to be unlike the trend of other Capital Hill establishments, which tend to take the day off. Despite the service, I found the food above average and even more, I’d eat there again. Perhaps I would skip dinner, as the price is higher for similar dishes, but the food well worth the lunch-time prices!
Cost: Average ($10-$14) for lunch. Each of our dishes was priced at $11.

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