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(randys-restaurant.net) – Tukwila, WA (just up the road from the Museum of Flight)
How I heard of this place: Another suggestion from the January 2010 issue of Seattle Magazine, where Randy’s was selected as best dinner-plate sized pancake on a budget.
Type of cuisine: Typical American diner fare.
Ambiance: It feels just like walking into a Denny’s – still set in the 1970s. A rather heavy-set man sat in front, signing copies of the book he authored about airplanes. A short, stalky middle-aged (or older) woman greeted us as we waited to be seated. Her and her heavily sprayed hair have probably been at Randy’s since it’s inception. The crowd – at about 10:30 a.m. – consisted mostly of the senior crowd, which made me wonder if they have a first Thursday of the month special or senior hours. The place was packed!
What I ordered: I went for option #4 – two eggs cooked over easy and hash browns with a side of buttered English muffins ($4.50). My dining companion ordered the #1 which came not only with two eggs (sunny side up) and hash browns, but four breakfast sausages as well (her choice after being offered either sausage or bacon) and a side of buttered rye toast ($6.50). Seeing as how the dinner-plate sized buttermilk pancakes complete with maple syrup were the reason for our venturing out to Tukwila, we also ordered one of those for a whopping $2.44.
What I loved: The fact that everything tasted exactly as I would have imagined! It’s diner food after all. Very much like it may have tasted if I made the meal myself at home…without all of the work and the dirty dishes. I can’t say the pancakes would draw me back, but while there, they sure were a hit with which to top off the meal.
Why I loved it: You got exactly what you’d expect and paid for at Randy’s. Nothing dazzling. Nothing pretentious. Just good ol’ fashioned diner food.
Cost: $2-$7 for breakfast meals

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