Grizzly Tuna

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Seaside, Oregon

Grizzly Tuna

How I heard of this place: We drove by on our way into town and it caught both my attention and that of my husband. We didn’t mention it to each other until we were heading back out of town and I made the suggestion. He was in. Of course.

Grizzly Tuna Window Logo

Type of cuisine: Tuna Fish & Chips.

Ambiance: A drive-through or walk-up tiny home with very little, other than the red paint, to call itself to attention.

Grizzly Tuna Walk-Up Window

What I ordered: It really didn’t need much to draw us in. The intrigue of tuna fish & chips was enough!

Grizzly Tuna Menu

What I loved: Small, bite-sized pieces of fish, tasty, tangy tarter sauce and crispy fries! Yum. I need more.

Grizzly Tuna Small Order (Three Pieces This Size)

Why I loved it: Simple food prepared well, in an easy take-away-on-the-drive-out-of-town establishment and packaging. Yum.

Cost: High (3 small pieces (shown above) with a serving of fries of $9)

Grizzly Tuna Tip Jar

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