Madeline’s Cafe & Patisserie

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How I heard of this place: Back in March, on one of many walks through downtown, I stumbled upon a quaint, French-looking patisserie. Stepping inside, I was even more drawn to sample the bites and fare in this cozy spot. Sadly, I was unable to on the first round. Even our attempt two days prior turned out futile, as they were closed – lights off, doors locked – well over an hour prior to their published closing time. Despite my husband urging me to not return, we made a lunch date plan on this Thursday, and were both pleased we did!

Madeline's Interior

Type of cuisine: Provencal & factory-chic design offers French pastries, sandwiches, coffee & a patio.

Ambiance: A cozy, Parisienne style bakery and cafe with grey, wooden booth seating throughout an open space,

Madeline's Cute Booths

offering barquette seating at the street-facing windows,

Madeline's Barquette Window Seating

a large display of goodies at the order counter,

Madeline's Counter

and space enough for everyone!

Madeline's Counter & Seating

The pictures express it’s super-chic, cute-ness better than words can!

What I ordered: For my husband, sliders and a side of fries ($12.95),

Madeline's Sliders

along with a Butterscotch Blondie ($2.25).

Madeline's Butterscotch Blondies

For our son, a small side of Beets by Dre salad ($ by weight) made up of beets, feta, onion and thyme.

Madeline's Beets by Dre Salad

And for me, the open-faced BLT ($12.95) with fried, over-easy egg and arugula pesto, served with a side salad in a lemony vinaigrette.

Madeline's Open-Faced BLT with Egg

And a Napoleon ($4.95), highly recommended by our order-taker.

Madeline's Napoleon

What I loved: The fries were crispy, the egg white solid and the yolk streaming through the sandwich, the salad tantalizing, the blondie super-sweet, and the Napoleon a thing of the Gods!

Why I loved it: Quaint, cozy, amazing house-made everything.

Madeline's Open-Faced BLT with Egg, Salad & Arugula Pesto

Cost: Average ($10 – $14 per lunchtime entrée)

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