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(katsuburger.com) – H-Mart Center in Lynnwood, Washington

Katsu Burger Lynnwood 2

How I heard of this place: We rent cars in the Georgetown (Seattle) area regularly, and this eatery is right next door. While we haven’t been to the Seattle branch, our rental car took us up to this newer establishment to enjoy a meal with our local friends.

Type of cuisine: Deep-fried Asian-fusion burgers and sides.

Ambiance: Casual with a side of corporate, this space brings the flavor of sweet donuts to each of its katsu burgers.
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Seating
A banquette offers seating for singles, with tables/chairs available for diners in small groups of two- to four-people.
 Katsu Burger Lynnwood Barquette
A hidden kitchen is behind the cashier and beverage cooler,
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Order Counter and Beverage Cooler
but patrons are greeted by two friendly blow-up ninjas and a small statue of Darth Vader.
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Ninjas
What I ordered: In our group of five, we had four orders, one for the Tokyo Classic ($7.45): grass-fed beef katsu with tonkatsu sauce (hold the mayo),
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Classic Burger
served Ichi-Ban style with fries ($3.90) and sauces: Curry and Miso Honey Mustard. Our other dining companion selected the Samurai Select ($9.45): grass-fed beef katsu with bacon, pineapple, wasabi mayo and tonkatsu sauce, served Ni-Ban ($5.85) with nori fries and wasabi coleslaw, accompanied by sauces Spicy Mayo and Tonkatsu.
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Fries and Sauces
For my husband, the Ohayou Gozaimasu ($10.45): grass-fed beef katsu, fried “cage-free” egg, bacon, cheddar, Japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce ichi-ban style with Miso Honey Mustard sauce. And for me, the Godzilla Attack**Spicy!** ($8.95): grass-fed beef katsu, pepper jack cheese, 12 spices blend, jalapenos, spicy mayo, tonkatsu sauce ni-ban with Wasabi Mayo.

Katsu Burger Lynnwood Meal Tray Burgers and Fries

Each meal comes with a beverage, so my husband upgraded to the Chocolate Shake, while I stuck with the Jones Orange Cream Soda.
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Tall Burger and Beverage 2
What I loved: The ridiculous immensity of the burgers were definitely something to inspire awe.
Katsu Burger Lynnwood Godzilla Burger Unleashed
It was the nori fries, however, with the spicy mayo (followed closely by the wasabi mayo) that stole the show! Speaking of wasabi mayo, that coleslaw, though. Definitely a must-have on a return visit.
Why I loved it: Gloriously indulgent food. Served fast.
Cost: Average to high ($9.95-$10.45 per burger)
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