Hitchcock Deli

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(hitchcockdeli.com) – Bainbridge Island, Washington

Hitchcock Deli

How I heard of this place: While wandering through Bainbridge on a perfectly warm, spring morning, we happened upon the Hitchcock Deli, but it was the Chinook Book coupon that brought us in.

Hitchcock Deli Takeaway Sandwich Wrap

Type of cuisine: Sandwiches. Simple potato chips, cookies and espresso beverages also offered. “Deli. Charcuterie. Cafe. Market.

Hitchcock Deli Long Kitchen

Ambiance: Casual, clean, hipster. A modern, rustic environment, with very limited indoor seating,
Hitchcock Deli Seating Looking Towards Street
even less patio seating, long lines and little to keep your attention outside of the hunger pangs in your stomach.
Hitchcock Deli Limited Seating
Walk along the fogged (or dirty?) glass display of beverages,
Hitchcock Deli Beverage Display
and uncovered cookies,
Hitchcock Deli Cookies
to place your order at the register.
Hitchcock Deli Serving Area
Wait, cramped with everyone else in a space too small for even a party of two, for your sandwich, hoping it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
Hitchcock Deli Kitchen
Watch, as more and more line up and place their orders,
Hitchcock Deli Cashier
while only one person makes all of the sandwiches.
Hitchcock Deli Sandwich Kitchen
Help yourself to water, which is on it’s last dregs, as you await your lunch.
Hitchcock Deli Rubbish Bins
What I ordered: For my husband, the Carolina BBQ ($11) with pulled pork, Hitchcock barbecue sauce, vinegar slaw, aioli on potato square, served with a small bag of kettle potato chips (which you have to request) and a Thomas Kemper Root Beer ($2.50).
Hitchcock Deli Inside the Carolina BBQ
For me, the Club Sandwich ($12) with turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, aioli and mustard on a potato square, a side of potato chips and San Pellegrino Pompelmo ($2.50).
Hitchcock Deli Club and Chips
What I loved: The sandwiches were both quite flavorful and robust, with ample meat to satisfy our hunger after a very long wait.
Hitchcock Deli Club Sandwich
Why I loved it: Simple food served yummy. A great meal to enjoy with my family outdoors in a neighborhood park, picnic style.
Hitchcock Deli Takeaway Meals
Cost: High ($8 – $13 per sandwich)
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