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( – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sun Sui Wah 2

How I heard of this place: On a visit to Vancouver to welcome to the world our dear friends little boy, they recommended a great spot to have an early morning brunch. We realized, only when trying to leave the packed establishment, that an early brunch (10:00 a.m.) is the only way to dine at Sun Sui Wah.

Sun Sui Wah Door Sign

Type of cuisine: Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant is now in Vancouver and Richmond, bringing to the public its world famous roasted squab, seafood, dim sum and Cantonese cuisine to satisfy the palate of gourmets.

Ambiance: A grand entry at this corner establishment leads patrons up two rounded staircases to a central meeting point from which one can see the entirety of the space.
Sun Sui Wah Grand Entry
Larger than life, modern, aerial-esque art hovers above the entry,
Sun Sui Wah Grand Entry and Ceiling Art
as well as the dining room,
Sun Sui Wah Seating and Ceiling Art
where table upon table is set for the hoards about to enter.
Sun Sui Wah Kitchen
Two smaller rooms are found off to the left, where, presumably private parties may reside during their gustatory visit.
Sun Sui Wah Adjacent Dining Rooms
Each table prepared for the masses, we were pleased to have beat the inevitable Sunday morning crowds.
Sun Sui Wah Table Setting
What I ordered: We left the ordering to our hosts, and regulars at Sun Sui Wah. An easy start with tea all around,
Sun Sui Wah Tea
The menu was quickly marked and our food started to arrive within minutes!
Sun Sui Wah Menu 4
We selected everything from Sautéed Long Beans with Minced Pork ($7.80)
Sun Sui Wah Green Beans
to Steamed Prawn Dumpling,
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 5
Steamed Pork & Shrimp Shiu Mai, Steamed Sticky Rice with Minced Pork in Lotus Leaf,
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 2
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun,
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 3
Chanzhou Style Sticky Rice Rolls,
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 7
Spring Roll with Shrimp & Garlic,
Sun Sui Wah Egg Rolls
D/F Minced Meat & Shrimp Puff,
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 1
and Steamed Prawn Rice Roll.
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum 6
To end our lovely meals, we indulged in three orders of a delicious Whipped Cream and Mango-Wrapped Dessert.
Sun Sui Wah Mango Dessert
What I loved: Mango dessert.
Sun Sui Wah Mango Dessert Inside
Why I loved it: Much food. Great company. Quick service.
Sun Sui Wah Dim Sum Lazy Susan
Cost: Average ($7 per selection)
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