Cafe Turko

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( – Fremont neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

Cafe Turko

How I heard of this place: Our good friends chose this spot for their rehearsal dinner, the night before their Fairview Park wedding in the spring rain. It took us nearly two years to return, and, to our surprise, at a new location just a few doors down.

Cafe Turko Plate Decor

Type of cuisine: Café Turko offers an extensive, authentic menu of Seasonal Dishes and Traditional Turkish Favorites…”

Cafe Turko Dining

Ambiance: An eclectic, slightly eccentric space, reminiscent of our dining experiences in rural Turkey, where trinkets are collected and sold among the mismatched tables and chairs available for diners wishing to sit back and enjoy a meal with their chefs.

Cafe Turko Seating & Decor 2

Our goal is to provide you a unique environment to dine and enjoy the legendary Turkish tastes and hospitality while smelling the tantalizing aromas coming from our open kitchen.

Cafe Turko Kitchen

What I ordered: Our party of nine had plenty from which to choose on this lunchtime venture.

After placing our orders, Chef Süreyya served us her special Pickled Eggplant (on the house),

Cafe Turko Pickled Eggplant

with a side of warm pita bread.

Cafe Turko Pickled Eggplant & Pita

My sister started with the Authentic Turkish Lentil Soup ($4 cup) spiced with Urfa and Antep Pepper and spearmint.

Cafe Turko Lentil Soup

Our cousins chose to start with the Spinach Hummus ($6): sautéed spinach, onions, garlic, tahini and seven spices.

Cafe Turko Spinach Hummus

(While we had ordered more to start, the dishes never made their way to our table, so we will bypass mentioning them in this post.)

For our main dishes, I chose the Tavuk Shish ($15):

Cafe Turko Tavuk Shish

cubed lean chicken pieces rubbed with garlic and “handful of spices rested” then lined up on a bamboo skewer with onions and bel peppers, sprinkled with sumac, mint and Aleppo pepper, served with rice, salad, and yogurt sauce.

Cafe Turko Tavuk Shish Close-Up

My husband, hungry and eager to sample much of the menu chose Syleyman The Magnificent ($20) or Mixed Grilled Meat Plate for Sultans

Cafe Turko Suleyman The Magnificent (Mixed Grilled Meat Plate for Sultans)

with a grilled chicken skewer, chicken kofte, beef kofte, seasoned lamb served with salad, rice, pickles, and herbs seasoned with sumac an Aleppo pepper.

Cafe Turko Mixed Grill Meat Plate

My sister and brother-in-law shared two dishes with their kids, including the Manti ($14): Turkish ravioli with beef, garlic and yogurt sauce with drizzled tomato sauce and butter,

Cafe Turko Manti

as well as the Beyti Kebab with Chicken ($13): grilled chicken cubes served wrapped in lavash bread with mozzarella, feta cheese and vegetables, grilled together and then served with tomato sauce and yogurt sauce, served with a salad and homemade pickles, “a truly Turkish Sensation“.

Cafe Turko Beyti Kebab with Chicken

Our cousins shared the Mishmish ($12) or Dried Apricot Stew, a ceremonial dish with sautéed leeks, garlic, red bell peppers, celery and ginger combined with aromatic Turkish sweet and tangy golden apricots seasoned with turmeric, allspice and cinnamon, topped with crushed almonds, and served with salad and rice.

Cafe Turko Mishmish (Dried Apricot Stew)

What I loved: The hummus is always good. Great, even! The rice: perfectly flaky, the yogurt sauce: tangy, the salad: crisp and green, the chicken: tender and well-seasoned.

Why I loved it: Simple, wholesome and perfect to serve a large group of rowdy wedding guests.

Cost: Average to high ($12 – $20 per plate)

Cafe Turko Menu 3

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