Tomato Street Italian Restaurant & Bar

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( – Spokane, Washington

Tomato Street

How I heard of this place: While on a business trip to Spokane, I accompanied my husband and had the pleasure of meeting some of his work colleagues. One of them suggested Tomato Street as a great place to dine out if we are looking for something more local and Spokane-y. We took a chance.

Tomato Street Entry

Type of cuisine: Americanized Italian cuisine in large quantities, varied profiles, and sure to settle any craving!

Tomato Street Front Lobby

Ambiance: Loud and proud, slightly in-your-face,

Tomato Street Check-In

the family friendly establishment boasts a large footprint

Tomato Street Restaurant Hallway

fraught with colorful,

Tomato Street Dining

interesting, and eclectic decor at every turn.

Tomato Street Barrels

Room after room of people, tables/chairs, stuff welcomes patrons with vibrant colors,

Tomato Street Kitchen

loud diners and staff,

Tomato Street Umbrella Dining

rushing in and out with food/beverages.

Tomato Street Pasta Windows

What I ordered: To start, my husband selected the Brick Oven Fried Bollas ($9.29): meatballs, mozzarella and provolone rolled in pizza dough (think little calzones) with zesty marinara and alfredo sauce.

Tomato Street Bollas

For his main entree, my husband enjoyed the Penne Pallame ($16.99) off of the House Specialties menu: oven roasted chicken, bacon, green peppers, fresh tomatoes, lemon butter with a garlic and alfredo sauce.

Tomato Street Penne P

I chose Grandma’s Lasagna ($13.79) off of the Oven Baked Specialties menu, with tomato-mushroom sauce.

Tomato Street Grandma's Lasagna

Each entree was served with a small house salad and toasted, buttery garlic bread.

Tomato Street Salad & Bread

On a return visit, Friday, 22 January 2016A return to Spokane for the weekend, a return to Tomato Street for dinner. While our anticipation was greater than our experience, we still enjoyed our quick, family meal.

Tomato Street Kids Menu & PlayDough

For me, a repeat of Grandma’s Lasagna, steamed vegetables for our Little, and Chicken Alfredo for my husband as our main entrées,

Tomato Street Lasagna, Veggies, Alfredo

which followed our shared appetizer, Stuffed Mushrooms ($9.99): blackened chicken, bacon, oven-dried tomatoes and creamy spinach-ricotta cheese filling.

Tomato Street Stuffed Mushrooms

What I loved: Delicious salad,

Tomato Street Salad

glorious – and abundant – garlic bread,

Tomato Street Garlic Bread

oven-baked lasagna to die for, and a buttery alfredo which perfectly complemented the bacon and green bell peppers.

Tomato Street Grandma's Lasagna Close-Up

Why I loved it: A plethora of food served in an easy atmosphere, friendly staff and leftovers to feed at least two a second time!

Cost: Average ($8.99 – $19.49)

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