Cederberg Tea House

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(cederbergteahouse.com/) – Upper Queen Anne, Seattle, Washington

Cederberg Outdoors

How I heard of this place: On a neighborhood walk nearly one year ago, I spotted a large South African flag in a shop window. Upon closer examination, I found the first – and possibly only – South African Tea House in Seattle (the United States?) that I have ever seen. It was determined: I would return.

Cederberg A-Frame

Type of cuisine: Cederberg Tea House, named after the region in the world where Rooibos Tea naturally grows, began as a mother-daughter catering company. After catering Natasha’s own wedding, we realized how much joy it would give us to bring the art of tea and the beauty of our country to the Seattle area, so we started catering and sharing our passion for tea and South African treats. We have now opened a brick and mortar location in Upper Queen Anne. Come and have a cup of tea and try some of our South African specialties.

Cederberg Pastry Case

Offering a rotation of house-made savory and sweet pastries, cakes, cookies and sandwiches, Cederberg has been welcomed into the neighborhood with both excitement and curiosity surrounding the unique selection of treats. A main focal point of the establishment, and its region of origin being the tea house’s namesake, is Roobois tea.

Cederberg South African Drink Selection

Using finely ground tea leaves, shots of the naturally caffeine-free herbal tea are pulled through an espresso machine and made into delightfully earthy sweet lattes. Patrons can also order the shots in cappuccino, Americano, doppio or iced juice form. In addition to the highly recommended Rooibos espresso mugs of deliciousness, there is a vast array of loose-leaf teas and coffee to be enjoyed with your Tipsy Tart or Koeksister!

Cederberg Barista Space

Ambiance: A quaint store-front at the top of Queen Anne Hill gives way to a calming and sparse South African tea shoppe. Cafe tables and chairs, with limited comfortable seating (by way of a mini couch and small, upholstered chairs near the gas fireplace surround the bar.

Cederberg Fireplace

Along the siding of the bar, one is delighted to find glass containers of loose-leaf teas, available for sniffing and smelling.

Cederberg Sniffing Selection

Open and bright, not your typical grandmother’s tea house.

What I ordered: My good friend selected a pot of Rooibos tea ($3.50), served complete with tea cozy and timer.

Cederberg Pot of Tea & Timers

Curious and tempted by the Rooibos Espresso, which is what struck me on my first visit, I selected the 8-ounce White Mocha Red ($3.90), with half of the white mocha.

Cederberg Red White Mocha

On a return visit, 30 September 2015: An invitation extended by a friend for high tea at Cederberg couldn’t be passed up, especially when it was in celebration of my birthday! 🙂 Here’s what we found when we arrived:

Cederberg Tea House

A little close-up of our reserved spot:

Cederberg Tea House Tea Time Table

The tablescape continued to grow…

Cederberg Tea House High Tea

Our teas included Rooibos Earl Grey and a Honeybush tea.

Cederberg Tea House Tea Cozies

For our snacks, we were thrilled by each layer of deliciousness presented to us:

Cederberg Tea House Spread

The savories, on the bottom, were especially a warm hit:

Cederberg Tea House Lower Plate

What I loved: I love the flavor of the Rooibos, which immediately brought me back to South Africa. No other Rooibos that I have sampled in the past 15 years has done that. The slight sweetness, the creaminess and the fragrance. Wow. I also loved that each tea was served with a miniature shortbread cookie, a perfect pairing.

Cederberg Service

Why I loved it: The authentic flavor of the Rooibos.

Cost: Low ($2.25 – $4.50 per espresso-pulled red tea)

Cederberg Condiment Bar

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