The Olive & Grape

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( – Greenwood neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

The Olive & Grape

How I heard of this place: We moved to the neighborhood, walked down the street with some friends to find our lunch and discovered this place. We are so happy we did!

The Olive & Grape Bar

Type of cuisine: Each and every meal served is infused with the traditions of Turkish and Italian cuisine. Our dishes reflect a lively repertoire of scratch-made meals designed to please any palate. Crafted with imported Turkish olive oils and fresh ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest…

The Olive & Grape Dining & Kitchen

Being Italian-Turk, and raised with Greek influence, her kitchen focuses on these three cultures. There are many common ingredients across these regions. We use these ingredients and take a few flavorful liberties with our dishes.

The Olive & Grape Brick Wall

Ambiance: Whimsical and nostalgic – if ever you have been to Turkey – the brick walls are laden with antique ornaments, Turkish design and mini hot air balloons set against murals of Cappadoci.

The Olive & Grape Hot Air Balloon

What I ordered: For our lunch-time outing, the two men each ordered spicy Adana Kebab Wraps ($11 each) with hand-minced lamb kebab formed on a long, wide iron skewer and grilled placed in a wrap with caramelized onions and tomatoes, one served with Garlic Fries,

The Olive & Grape Adana Kebab Wrap with Garlic Fries

the other with a side of greens.

The Olive & Grape Vegetarian Wrap

We had one Vegetarian Wrap ($9) with pan-sautéed eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes, with tomatoes, and homemade Turkish tomato sauce.

The Olive & Grape Vegetarian Wrap

I selected the Salad Duo ($14) with the Greek Salad: tomatoes and cucumber mixed with onions, olives, feta cheese, pepperoncini and parsley, dressed with house-made dressing and served with warm pita bread, served alongside a skewer of Grilled Shrimp.

The Olive & Grape Grilled Shrimp Salad Duo

To complete our meal, we sampled The Olive & Grape’s house-made Mama’s Baklava ($6.50). “Paola explains, ‘I am using my mama’s recipe. Greeks use honey and cinnamon in the syrup; Turks use only sugar. My mama found out that the best flavor is with sugar in a syrup with a little bit cinnamon in the nuts. That is why my Baklava is different and good.'”

The Olive & Grape Baklava

On a return visit, Saturday, 13 February 2016: We started with appetizers, including my husband’s favorite, O&G Hummus ($7.50: garbanzo beans with roasted garlic and roasted red peppers, served with warm pita bread,

Olive & Grape Hummus Plate

and something new he wished to try, the Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms ($8)

Olive & Grape Stuffed Mushrooms

topped with Kasheri cheese and oven-baked, served with balsamic vinaigrette and tomatoes.

Olive & Grape Stuffed Mushrooms Close-Up

For our main entrées, I stuck with my regular favorite, the Chicken Shish Kebab ($9.50): marinated chucks of chicken breast grilled with peppers and red onions, served alongside a Greek salad. 

Olive & Grape Chicken Shish Kebab

One of our out-of-town guests selected the Lamb Köfte ($9.50): a mixture of ground lamb, cumin, onion, and breadcrumbs, shaped into “meatballs” and grilled, served alongside garlic fries,

Olive & Grape Adana Kebab Wrap

while his wife enjoyed the O&G Musaka ($17): Paola’s mama’s recipe. Oven-baked eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes, with tomatoes and homemade Turkish tomato sauce, topped with Kashari cheese, garlic-yoghurt sauce and warm pita bread.

Olive & Grape Musaka

My husband went with his all-time favorite, the Adana Kebab Wrap ($11.50): hand-minced lamb kebab formed on a long, wide iron skewer and grilled, wrapped with caramelized onions and tomatoes. Served with garlic fries.

Olive & Grape Lamb Kofte

What I loved: All of it: the salad, the shrimp, grilled to perfection, and the sweet, gooey baklava. It’s time for another trip.

The Olive & Grape Whimsy

Why I loved it: Simple food served with plenty of flavor, a taste of the Mediterranean; a casual atmosphere made all the more friendly being served by Paola, herself, and right in our own backyard.

The Olive & Grape Greek Salad

Cost: Average ($9 – $14 per lunch entree)

The Olive & Grape Kitchen

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