Fusion on the Run

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(fusionontherun.com) – Seattle, Washington

Fusion on the Run

How I heard of this place: The Seattle Art Museum is hosting a Summer At SAM, a summer of concerts, yoga, Zumba, and artwork in the parks. In our neck of the woods, we are blessed to have the Olympic Sculpture Park in our backyard, where we can enjoy all that Summer at SAM has to offer. On this evening, “Known for dramatic performances as well as subtle, varied recordings, Seattle experimental rock ensemble Midday Veil combines haunting vocals and cosmic synth work with driving, hypnotic rock grooves to produce music that rewards careful listening and defies easy categorization.” While the music landed itself mostly to giggling and half-hearted listening, the gathered food trucks were taking all of the attention. Among them, Fusion on the Run.

Fusion on the Run Service Window

Type of cuisine: Food on the mainland, prepared, made and served like the islands of Hawaii. Oh yeah.

Ambiance: A food truck at it’s peak; high windowed opening to allow for orders to be made and picked up, bright red to attract attention – and adulation -, and the fragrance of island fresh tacos wafting in all directions!

Fusion on the Run Crowds Gather

What I ordered: Being unable to decide on just one, I was so pleased to see that a combo offer for three was being offered. And that sealed the deal. One Kalua Pork Taco: surfer sauce, mango pineapple salsa, pickled red onion, one Beef Short Ribs Taco: boneless short ribs with cilantro & onion, daikon & carrots, and one Coco Adobo Chicken: sesame slaw, daikon & carrots.

Fusion on the Run Tacos Close-Up

What I loved: Each taco had it’s own special flair and reason to return. I was surprised by how much I loved the Kalua Pork, but the fresh cilantro and onions, and the slightly sweet, crunchy daikon & carrots of Beef Short Rib still won me over.

Fusion on the Run Chefs Door

Why I loved it: Fast. Easy. Delicious. Eat. More.

Cost: Average to high ($3 per taco)

Fusion on the Run Lawn Tacos

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