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(talaythai.net) – Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How I heard of this place: About five years ago, I visited with some good family friends who had recently had their first daughter, and they treated me to take-out from Talay Thai. Now, my husband in tow and two more girls added to their family, we were looking for an easy night with no cooking and little clean-up necessary. This time, it was our treat!

Type of cuisine: The Talay Thai Restaurant serves genuinely authentic Thai food, perhaps only one of two or three Thai restaurants in the Lower Mainland that do. We do not do “fusion” or simply add Thai spices to what are essentially Chinese-style dishes, as is the norm in most North American “Thai” restaurants. All the ingredients we use are fresh and are sourced daily. The unique flavours of our dishes are created by using genuine Thai ingredients especially imported to produce what we believe is a truly Thai gastronomic experience. Even some of the vegetables we use are not available in the markets of greater Vancouver.

We are from Chainat Province, in the central plains of Thailand and located about 200 km north of Bangkok.  This is the very heart of traditional Thai cuisine.

We wanted to give Vancouver genuine central Thai cuisine yet flavoured with our own innovative dishes, and it is our aim to offer you the most refined dishes from our region, with an authentic Thai flavour not met anywhere else in greater Vancouver, and made in the old-fashioned, family way, but served in a modern yet cosy ambience. We serve genuine Thai dishes as made and served to Thais in central Thailand since we are the only Thai chef and owner-operated central Thai restaurant in Vancouver. 

When you come in we will greet you with a customary Thai smile of welcome and you will immediately feel at your Thai home away from home.

Seasoned with Thai basil, pandan leaf, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, Thai chillies, ginger and other vital ingredients that we source directly from Thailand, including fresh Thai green eggplant, we use fresh local produce and choice meats, seafoods and shellfish, to create an extraordinary selection of distinctive dishes that range from agreeably mild to red-hot spicy.

We use Thai eggplant (Solanum xanthocarpum), which is one of theessential ingredients in Thai curry dishes. In the other Thai restaurants outside of Thailand, Thai eggplants are replaced by the available eggplants in that country or by green peas, but we make the effort to acquire them for our dishes. According to Ayurveda,Thai eggplants are used for treating various health ailments. Please ask to have them included in your order. 

With reasonable prices, we will customize your order to suit your taste. Just ask. In addition to the regular Thai dishes seen in most Thai restaurants, we also create our “special dishes
“. And, if the dish you wish is not on the menu (for those who have been to Thailand) do not be shy to ask for it. We are sure we can make it for you. Not everything in our culinary repertoire is on the menu.

Ambiance: Having not had the opportunity to go in and see the space, myself (as we have done take-away both times, and our hosts have covered the pick-up), I have to take the word of their website: “Our decor is simple yet cosy Thai style, making you feel very welcome. Chat with the staff if you like, as we are always free to take the time to talk about our food, drinks, wines, Thai history or culture since we are all Thai and know. 

So….please….give us the opportunity to serve you some of the finest Thai dishes that you will likely ever taste outside of Thailand. 


What I ordered: To start, we selected the Crispy Wonton (CAD$6.95), six pieces of deep-fried wonton stuffed with ground chicken and prawns, served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

Talay Thai Wontons

For our main entrees, we shared the Kaeng Daeng (CAD$11.95), with our choice of beef cooked with savory red curry in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, fresh basil and lime leaves,

Talay Thai Red Curry

the Kaeng Khiew Waan (CAD$11.95), a wonderful green curry in coconut milk with eggplant “(alternatively ask for genuine Thai eggplants, which is way better)”, bell peppers, fresh basil, lime leaves and our choice of chicken,

Talay Thai Green Curry

and the Pad Bai Grapao (CAD$11.95), a stir-fry of onions, green beans, bell peppers, fresh basil and chili with our choice of pork, and four servings of Steamed Coconut Thai Rice (CAD$2.50/serving).

Talay Thai Grapao

What I loved: Pleasantly surprised by the sweet crispiness of the wonton, happily remembering the long dreamed-of grapao as I savored each bite, and lapping up every creamy, coconut-y flavorful bite of curry, it is hard to choose one favorite from among these dishes.

Talay Thai Take-Away Plate

Why I loved it: Delicious and plentiful! Plus, the sweetness of the grammar and verbiage from the website make every bite taken more endearing.

Cost: Low to average (CAD$10.95 – CAD$14.95 per – sharable – entree)

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