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( – Government Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


How I heard of this place: Victoria Clipper’s onboard Magazine helped us so much in preparing our visit to Victoria, since I had been working long days with little to no time to plan. And, while there are a handful of things we kept for our next visit, the things we found to do on this trip were so worth the lack of planning.

Type of cuisine: Using only the finest quality loose teas direct from some of the world’s premier gardens, John Murchie’s tradition of quality and distinction continues to this day. From his then unique blends of black and green teas of the 1800’s to today’s more modern blends, we are proud to offer you our finest tea blends whether it’s loose tea or the convenience of traditional English style teabags.

Murchie's Best Coffee Seal

Murchie’s passion for and dedication to providing the finest was widened to include coffee and, as one of the first to import 100% Arabica beans, we have supplied not only ourselves but other prominent coffee retailers with raw beans. In keeping with our tradition of quality, Murchie’s uses only the best beans and roasts them to perfection at our manufacturing facility in Delta, BC. Using these finely roasted beans we then apply our techniques of blending selected roasts to create signature coffee blends that suit every coffee drinking taste…

Our core business is focused on procuring only the highest quality teas and coffees obtained from the finest tea gardens and coffee farms around the world. All of these raw products are shipped directly to our production plant in Delta, B.C. where the coffees are freshly roasted ‘just right’, and our teas are blended and packaged for sale.

Murchie's Front Entry

Additionally, as cafes do, Murchie’s expanded to offer fresh baked in-house pastries and savories, goodies to enjoy for breakfast, a snack and a sweet treat.

Ambiance: Straight out of Great Britain, Murchie’s tiled floors, dark, wooden settings

Murchie's Order Counter

and yellowed walls welcome patrons to a taste of home, the old country.

Murchie's Yellow Wall Art

Extensive space, too, allows for wanderers to meander through the gift shop and purchase various tea paraphernalia and trinkets, as well as ornate teacups and serving-ware. Towards the back of the establishment, large windows set in high ceilinged spaces allow for ample natural lighting as diners sip their beverages and savor their morning treats.

Murchie's Dining Salon

What I ordered: Breakfast time called for a breakfast scone, or two. I started with the Ham Breakfast Scone (CAD$3.95), while my husband chose the same with Bacon. We each selected a beverage: for me, a 12-ounce cappuccino (CAD$3.30) and for him a 16-ounce African Swirl (CAD$3.85), pomegranate rooibos tea sweetened with caramel.

Murchie's Breakfast Tray

Unable to leave without a semblance of dessert, we chose two to share (one for now, and one for later, as it was offered by the staff; they put our selection aside in a box with my name on it, and when we are ready we returned to have it warmed up and topped with whipped cream before we took in every last bite!) We ate the Chocolate Caramel Brownie (CAD$3.75) right away, my husband devouring it, leaving me a couple of tastes.

Murchie's Chocolate Caramel Brownie

And we returned for the Apple Caramel Tart (CAD$4.25), warmed to melt-in-your-mouth perfection with a side of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Murchie's Apple Caramel Tart

What I loved: The freshly-baked, buttery scone was my pick from Murchie’s. Perhaps due to the interest in something savory, but also because it maintained the integrity of a true scone. Of the desserts, I must say that the Apple Caramel Tart’s tart apples complemented the buttery, flaky crust and drizzled with just the right amount of sweet caramel.

Murchie's Breakfast Scone

Why I loved it: A convenient location, filled to the brim with white-haired men in suits on their way to church this Sunday morn, serving yummy pastries and breakfast sandwiches along with freshly brewed teas and coffees.

Cost: Average (CAD$2.45 – CAD$4.20 per beverage; CAD$3 – CAD$5 per pastry)

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