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( – South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Shanik Entry

How I heard of this place: After moving back from Arlington, Virginia, we were on a quest to try all of the new restaurants that had popped up around the city; it was a short-lived experiment as there were way too many to get to within any reasonable amount of time. This place, having made it onto the list through my sister-in-law and a good friend, made it’s way to the top of the list when it was time to catch up with a fellow east-coaster.

Shanik Menu & Water Canteen

Type of cuisine: Shanik is a modern Indian restaurant that serves Meeru’s personal Indian cuisine which is creative and daring, yet comforting. We invite our customers into a version of India that is not intimidating, cliché, or a rehashing of what is traditionally marketed as Indian. Our restaurant is the same version of Indian that Meeru is: North American in lifestyle and attitude, while rooted in Indian heritage and cuisine. We take pride in making our own yogurt, paneer and ghee, as well as; sifting, grinding, and roasting our spices in-house. Our open kitchen is designed specifically so our diners can experience the warmth of our cooks, and signifies a sharing of heats.

Shanik Restaurant & Kitchen

Ambiance: Oguz Istif has worked with Vij’s for eight years and brings strong business acumen combined with strength in front-of-house service that reflects traditional Turkish hospitality. Oguz’s Turkish background lends an exotic touch of Turkish culture and its nuances to Shanik’s ambiance and cuisine.

Shanik Dining

Our color theme for Shanik is Blue-Gold. This was very important when designing the ambiance and personality of Shanik. Blue is the color of both the Himalayan poppy and the Turkish evil eye that protects, gold is the color of Indian and Turkish jewelry, and blue-gold is another term for the earth’s water supply when referred to as a precious resource.

Shanik Seat Colors

Shanik has a lounge where guests are served complimentary Indian hors d’oeuvres (all of which are Meeru’s original recipes) and can enjoy expertly selected wines and local beers. Shanik also has a market where you can buy packaged curries, spices, chapati, cookbooks, and wine to pair with your take out dinner.

Shanik Lounge Seating

What I ordered: Each of us, my dining companion and I started with the Lemon-Ginger Drink ($4.50 each), a fizzy beverage (club soda) with freshly squeezed lemon juice, grated ginger and sweetener.

Shanik Water Canteen & Lemon-Ginger Drink

For our main entrees, we shared the Spicy Indian crepe (“pura”) with bacon, onion and potatoes ($12),

Shanik Pancake

and the Sauteed spinach-paneer with daal, rice, naan ($12). 

Shanik Spinach Paneer & Daal

What I loved: The Lemon-Ginger Drink was the first, thirst-quenching palette cleanser that truly enticed our tastebuds. Each meal, too, however small and creative it seemed on the outset was robust with flavor, spice and hearty fare.

Why I loved it: The open floor plan with a kitchen that allows for patrons to see their chefs and smell the aroma of light Indian spices in the air adds to the beautiful blue accents in the furnishings and ambiance. The small portions satisfy with flavor and the opportunity to share a couple of plates among friends.

Cost: Average ($10 – $14.50 per Lunch entree)

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