Westside Pizza

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(westsidepizza.com) – Winslow Mall, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Westside Pizza Balcony

How I heard of this place: On a little jaunt to the Island, west of Seattle, my husband and I shared a lovely afternoon with my in-laws, where they treated us to a Tuesday-special lunch: two slices and a beverage for $3.

Westside Pizza Winslow Mall Courtyard

We made our way up the stairs of Winslow Mall’s outdoor courtyard half-way through our walk up and back down the main street of Bainbridge Island’s quaint, little town.

Westside Pizza Menu & Kitchen

Type of cuisine: Pizza. Two toppings per special. A case of bottled and canned beverages.

Ambiance: More of an in-and-out style lunch pick-up, no seating is found within the confines of the Westside Pizza kitchen and order counter.

Westside Pizza Doorway

Simply walk in, view the rotating pizzas on the windowed display shelves to your right, make your selection, pay to the left and walk out with your beverage (taken from the refrigerated stand-up display at the left of the door).

Westside Pizza Kitchen


Once back in the covered walkway of the Mall, a couple of picnic tables with umbrellas above are available for seating. That is, if they are not completely taken up by the high schoolers who are there for their daily special $1.50 per slice, buy two get a soda for free!

Westside Pizza Signage

What I ordered: Two slices mushroom and pepperoni with a can of Pepsi. My husband and I shared this half of the pizza, while my in-laws selected sausage with mushroom and sausage with green bell pepper on their half.

Westside Pizza Lunch Special

What I loved: Cheese. Lots and lots of gooey cheese, slightly spicy pepperoni and thin-cut sliced mushrooms.

Westside Pizza Dough

Why I loved it: Simple. Inexpensive. Quick. Family friendly.

Westside Pizza Tip Jar

Cost: Low ($3 – $4 per lunch hour special: two two-topping slices with a beverage)


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