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( – Downtown Seattle, Washington

Caffe Lieto

How I heard of this place: My friend wanted to get together to catch up and suggested Caffe Lieto, where we could partake of the best biscuits in Seattle (she is from North Carolina and I trust her biscuit opinion).

Caffe Lieto

Type of cuisine: A note from the Head Bitch in Charge, Kimmie Spice: We have great food. It’s not fancy, but it’s homemade, filling and well-priced. It’s food for everyday people. But I don’t think that’s the biggest reason for our success.

Caffe Lieto Looking In

Ambiance: When I bought the caffe I vowed that no customer would ever enter my business and feel the “Seattle Freeze” like I did when I first moved here. Any business that is as close to Pike Place Market as us is sure to have a flood of tourists in the summertime.

Caffe Lieto Inside

I want to make sure those tourists remember their incredible experience, tell their friends about us, like us on Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and Yelp about us- then come back to see us again on their next trip to Seattle. I also want to be sure we build real relationships with our locals, that we know more about them than just their order. That they feel this is their place and they are cherished here.

Caffe Lieto to the Right

I recreated that feeling of southern hospitality by showing my staff how good it feels to treat all our guests as if they are family. A place where locals mingle with tourists and nobody feels uncomfortable asking for directions to the Space Needle.

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch

A place where you can get a kick-ass local espresso and order a comforting meal while getting to say the word “bitch” over and over… and over.

Caffe Lieto to the Left

Don’t worry if your face turns red, we might tease you a bit, but we’ll laugh with you! Our music will be upbeat and usually oldies, motown or southern rock because we’re a little bit trailer trash too. But even if there’s a long line you can watch our staff dance to the beat in our tiny kitchen all the while flipping your eggs and calling out the orders.

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Kitchen

The ambiance is kitschy- the energy palpable. This is a place to put a smile on your face, because even if it’s not, it feels like it could easily be home.

Caffe Lieto Window Seating

This is Biscuit Bitch. Ya’ll come on by and see for yourself.

What I ordered: Being my first visit, I went all out – at the suggestion of our order-taking…I can’t say it. She recommended the most popular dish: Hot Mess Bitch ($11.20). A biscuit, cut in half and topped with mushroom gravy (my choice), two eggs over medium (my choice), garlic grits, cheese, bacon (substituted for hot links) and jalapeños. Oooooh wee.

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Biscuits Menu

Not being able to say no when I see anything on a menu combining orange and chocolate (I take after my dad), I also indulged in an 8-ounce Orange-Infused Mocha ($3.60).

Biscuit Bitch Hot Mess Bitch & Orange Infused Mocha

My friend created her own meal with a gluten-free biscuit, southern greens and eggs, with a cup of gunpowder green tea.

On a return visit, Wednesday, 20 January 2016: Returning for brunch with my southern cousins, I was eager to hear their impressions of this joint. (All rave reviews!) So, we met up one fine morning and I chose to enjoy the same as last time: a 12-oz Orange-Infused Mocha ($4.30),

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Orange Infused Mocha

and shared the Hot Mess ($11.40) with my husband. (We substituted bacon for links and the mushroom gravy instead of the real stuff.)

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Hot Mess

Our cousins chose the Easy Bitch ($7.80): biscuit & gravy topped with two eggs over easy,

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Easy Bitch

and the Bitchwich ($5.90): a biscuit sandwich with egg over hard, cheddar, choice of sausage patty, SPAM or bacon and house Bitchy Sauce.

Caffe Lieto Biscuit Bitch Sandwich

What I loved: The largest, heaviest portion of food ever held in a little, paper basket, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of the Hot Mess: the layers of moist, buttery biscuit with earthy mushroom gravy and flavorful garlicky grits that melt in your moth; the abundance of cheese and ooey gooey egg yolk accompanied by a generous pile of perfectly crisped chunks of bacon.  Oh. My. I need it. Now.

Biscuit Bitch Hot Mess

I shouldn’t leave out how amazing the Orange Infused Mocha was. Truly, one of the top three beautiful, creamy, smooth, best cups of coffee I have enjoyed in Seattle. Wow. Saturday. Brunch. Repeat.

Why I loved it: A glorious abundance of food and beautiful espresso made by a staff expressing southern hospitality at every turn, a bustling, packed, tiny space with a line that moves quickly, food that was even tasty reheated the next day (according to my husband). Yes!

Biscuit Bitch Logo

Cost: Low to average ($6 – $11.20 per Biscuits & Gravy dish)

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