Beacon Ave Sandwiches

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Beacon Ave Sandwiches

How I heard of this place: Our friend and now-Seattle based chef touted its horn earlier this week when he started working at Beacon Ave Sandwiches. He posted enough pictures on Facebook to hook us in.

Beacon Ave Sandwich Board

Type of cuisine: Sandwiches. Toasted, cold, simple, extraordinary.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Menu

From The Stranger, “This sandwich shop is brought to you by the people behind cafe/community-and-hiphop hangout the Station (a place that Charles Mudede has called “the coolest 206 joint in the city”). The sandwiches are named after local spots, like the Jefferson Park: fresh mozzarella balls, tomatoes, basil, pesto sauce, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. The El Centro has chicken, avocado, spinach, and jalapeños with a melted pepper-jack sauce; it’s not huge, but it’s packed with flavor, heat, and texture. And every sandwich at Beacon Ave Sandwiches comes with a side of pasta salad that’s subtle and filling and thankfully not mayonnaisey. From the laid-back counter service, to the friendly neighborhood vibe, to the no-frills decor, everything about Beacon Ave Sandwiches shows admirable balance.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Cat

Ambiance: A simple establishment, also owned by those who opened The Station (coffee and pastries) just up the road, Beacon Ave Sandwiches offers a window seat to nearly everyone dining inside.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Dining Area

The small shop with low ceilings includes a cushioned bench that extends its way along one wall, with only three tables and a handful of chairs at which to seat yourself and enjoy one of the established sandwiches, or create your own!

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Seating

A mini barquette along the window facing Beacon Avenue South allows patrons to also enjoy the view, the sun or the daylight as they partake of mouthwatering, generous sandwiches and sides at Beacon Ave Sandwiches.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Barquette

What I ordered: My husband selected the Jefferson Park ($7.75) with fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, basil, pesto, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. While it sounded fabulous to me as well, especially with his addition of avocado and spinach on Multigrain bread, I went back to the first sandwich to catch my interest and intrigue. My husband enjoyed all that with a side of potato salad (included in the price).

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Jefferson Park

I chose the Route 60 ($7.75), ham stuffed with pickled jalapeños, brie cheese, pineapple, sliced tomato and arugula, topped with crispy bacon and spicy brown mustard (my choice), served on a toasted croissant (they were out of ciabatta) and a side of pasta salad.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Route 60


On a return visit, Sunday, 25 January 2015A return to Beacon Ave Sandwiches, under new ownership, kept my tastebuds happy as I sampled one of their newest menu items:



photo 1

The field roast, while strange at first, captured my attention as I quickly devoured the entire sandwich!


photo 2

What I loved: The Route 60! The kick of heat added by the jalapeños and the spicy mustard accompanied with the creamy brie and crispy, salty bacon. The buttery croissant adding the perfect touch to the bite of peppery arugula and fresh, juicy tomatoes. I’d walk those three miles (each way!) for this sandwich again. Definitely.

Beacon Ave Sandwiches Route 60 Close-Up

Why I loved it: The friendly smile of a friend preparing a most impressive lunch in a cozy, neighborhood setting, bustling with business and food that is more than good enough to eat!

Cost: Average ($7.75 per sandwich with side)

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