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(tastyntasty.com) – Portland, Oregon

Tasty n Sons Outside

How I heard of this place: When in Portlandia, ask the Portlandians for they will ne’er steer you astray. With eight of us going out for dinner, six of us from out of state, it was left to the discretion of our hosts as to the spot in which to indulge our out-of-town tastebuds.

Tasty n Sons Sign

Type of cuisine: A Portland Neighborhood Restaurant boasting a regularly changing menu, based on seasonal variations, local farmers’ produce, and the kitchen crew’s inspiration, the aim at Tasty n Sons is to impress, not one item on the Southern comfort food inspired menu worth throwing out with the bath water.

Tasty n Sons Bike Wall

Ambiance: One feels a sense of warmth and cozy, down-home comfort from the moment of entry. From the coat rack alongside the entry staircase,

Tasty n Sons Coat Rack

to the dim lighting and the red-painted concrete walls uniformly decorated with matching artwork and simple shelving,

Tasty n Sons Red Wall Decor

to the wooden and full bar space,

Tasty n Sons Bar

one is immediately set at ease in the space. This is the type of restaurant where you imagine everyone knows your name, the patrons greet each other lovingly, and neighboring diners are eager to tell you all about their tasty dishes. Sit back, relax and make yourself at home. Everyone else will.

What I ordered: To start, our table was offered bread and butter, which was quickly consumed. Drinks arrived and it was then time for the glorious entrees. Among the items I was not privy to: Griddled Bacon Wrapped Date with maple syrup & almond ($2).

Tasty n Sons Bread & Butter

At the suggestion of our server, and being interested in something smaller, I opted for the Bambino Plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit & honey butter ($7).

Tasty n Sons Bambino Plate

We had two orders of the Tasty Burger with house bacon, beecher’s cheddar or smoked bleu cheese* ($11),

Tasty n Sons Burger

one of the Spaghettini Carbonara with house guanciale* ($14),

Tasty n Sons Carbonara

and one Shrimp n Grits ($17).

Tasty n Sons Shrimp n Grits

My husband surprised me and ordered the Grilled Octopus fra diavolo ($15)!

Tasty n Sons Octopus

A table favorite was the Spicy Smoked BBQ Ribs ($16/$28),

Tasty n Sons BBQ Ribs

(not to mention the sweet presentation of complimentary hand-cloths)

Tasty n Sons Hand Wipes

while the side of Brussels Sprouts ($7) became their own show-stopper.

Tasty n Sons Brussels Sprouts

For our desserts, despite feelings of being over-stuffed, our table devoured the Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies baked to order with vanilla ice cream ($7), warm Ginger Cookies baked to order with earl grey ice cream ($7),

Tasty n Sons Chocolate Chip Cookies

Auntie Paula’s French Toast Sundae with bananas, caramel & walnuts ($8),

Tasty n Sons French Toast Sundae

one Samoa Sundae ($7),

Tasty n Sons Samoas Sundae

and Chocolate Potato Doughnuts with crème anglaise  ($1.50 ea) for good measure.

Tasty n Sons Potato Donuts

What I loved: In this order: Brussels sprouts, octopus, ribs and shrimp n grits coming in tied for third.

Why I loved it: 

Cost: Average to high ($15 – $29 per meat entree)

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