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( – Roosevelt neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

How I heard of this place: Probably the oldest, and undeniably the longest standing vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, the Sunlight has been my go-to ever since moving to the neighborhood nearly a decade ago. Having been around nearly as long as I have, the restaurant is a true favorite to hippies and hipsters alike.

Type of cuisine: The Sunlight Cafe has been “offering delicious and healthy vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes for over 35 years.”

The restaurant is vegetarian, meaning meat free, but we do use dairy products and eggs.  We offer vegan dishes and vegan alternatives to many of our non-vegan menu items.  We also offer vegan and gluten-free deserts as well as traditional dairy and egg containing selections.  All of our desserts are made from whole grains and are sweetened with honey or fruit sweet rather than processed sugar.  We do not use processed foods in any of our menu items, though we offer fructose for those who prefer to sweeten their coffee or yogi tea with something other than honey.

The ingredients used at our restaurant are the finest available short of being completely organic.  We serve organic coffee and espresso, additive-free beer and wine, fresh fruit smoothies, and a variety of homemade breads, pastries, and desserts.  With the exception of a few ingredients, our dishes are prepared almost entirely on the premises.  Although we are not exclusively an organic restaurant, many of our main ingredients are organic:  flour, rice, beans, tofu, coffee.  Sunlight Cafe offers quality homemade food at reasonable prices in a relaxed, casual environment.”

Ambiance: Having been around since 1976, only the layers and layers of paint seem to have changed in the establishment. Set on the corner of Roosevelt Way NE and NE 64th Street, the floor to high-ceiling windows along two sides of the restaurant allow for the streaming in of natural daylight – whether grey or blue skies persist.

Sunlight Cafe windows

Upon entry, patrons are offered the option of dining at the space to the right: bar seating immediately adjacent to the grill and chef space, or to the left: in the 70s-era dining room. Either way, diners are in for a gustatory treat.

Sunlight Cafe kitchen

The blue painted walls, red-orange accents, miscellaneous plants, tables and chairs or booth seating at the back wall are only the backdrop to the more important people-watching that one will thoroughly enjoy while dining at the Sunlight.

Sunlight Cafe color block walls

What I ordered: As with every meal at the Sunlight Cafe, no order is complete without the signature Small Tossed Green ($4.95) made up of lettuce, vegetables, seeds, clover sprouts & “choice of dressing”. We all know, however, that no one dares go outside of the most amazing Lemon-Tahini dressing, the only reason, really, to order this mountain of fiber.

Sunlight Cafe Salad

What I loved: Lemon Tahini.

Why I loved it: The space is comfortable, unpretentious, cozy and blue. The windows grand and the food so good you’ll forget it’s vegetarian.

Cost: Average ($7 – $12 per entree)

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