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( – Tacoma, Washington


How I heard of this place: A good friend of mine and I were asked to volunteer at one of 114 international Baha’i Youth Conferences, ours in the who-knew-it-was-so-quaint metropolis of Tacoma, Washington. After a day of driving and volunteering without having eaten more than a minimal breakfast before our nine o’clock a.m. meet-up time, we were ready for a filling meal at five-thirty that afternoon. At the recommendation of a local friend of ours, we made the quick walk from the Convention Center to the shops and restaurants along Pacific Avenue, where we found the famous Indochine.

Indochine Fountain

Type of cuisine: As you dine, Indochine’s fine and creative cuisine will delight you.  The flavors of Thailand, China, India, Japan, and Vietnam meld together to produce a wonderful culinary palette that is sure to impress your’s and your guests’ tastes.  In complement to the meal, select from Indochine’s extensive wine list which features flavorsome and aroma rich wines from around the world.

Indochine Wing Two

To finish your meal, select one of Indochine’s desserts, all of which are made in house, such as one of our many Gelato Italian Ice Cream flavors, our Crème Brûlée, our Lemon Coconut Cake, or our Nemesis Flourless Chocolate Cake.”

Indochine Gelato

Our Indochine cuisine has been developed over the last 12 years. It is a cuisine that is fundamentally Thai, but one which includes strong influences form Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines. Our menu expresses the Thai cuisine in a unique and delicious way, concentrating your senses on a very rich palette of flavours and aromas.”

Indochine Tables

Ambiance: Indochine is a feast for your senses nestled in the heart of a great Northwest cultural center.

Indochine Seating

Walking into this innovative space is like walking into a piece of artwork.  Textures of cherry, iron, fine drapery, brick, and brushed sheet steel are all architecturally assembled in perfect harmony.”

Indochine Intimate Seating

What I ordered: Between the two of us, we decided to share the Drunk Beef Noodles ($13.95) with tender marinated beef, rice noodles bamboo shoots, onions and bell peppers sautéed with Thai basil and dressed in sweet soy sauce and rice wine.

Indochine Drunken Noodle

And the Gang Curry Chicken ($14.95), seductively spiced chicken in a rich red coconut curry, balanced with fresh vegetables and Thai basil, served with a small bowl of either brown or white rice.

Indochine Gang Curry

What I loved: The Drunken Noodle. My friend said it was her favorite, and, at Indochine the proof was in the pasta.

Why I loved it: Beautifully table-scaped establishment with gorgeous and innovative seating options, friendly staff and a smattering of natural light streaming through the large windows facing Pacific Avenue, not to mention a culinary journey worth every pound.

Cost: Average ($12.95 – $14.95 per dinner entree)

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