Beverly Hills Brownie Co.

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( – Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Storefront

How I heard of this place: Making our way to Beverly Hills for my sister’s hair appointment with her favorite hair dresser: Diana, my husband and I needed to keep ourselves entertained. My sister could not stop raving about the Brownie Company, so we made it our mission to find them!

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce

Type of cuisine: With our 21 unique varieties of amazing brownies, Beverly Hills Brownie Company® has created great-tasting, luxury indulgences that are both affordable and accessible.We have flavors that appeal to everyone from serious chocolate lovers to those who only like vanilla. Our chocolate-based brownies are rich and fabulous and totally decadent. But have you ever had a Red Velvet Brownie? How about a Pure Platinum Brownie (our totally vanilla, un-brown-brownie)?

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Brownie Selection

And, as you would expect, our brownies are as fabulous-looking as they are sumptuous-tasting.They are uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has an edge on each side and a center. That means chewiness in each bite . . . and that means total taste satisfaction . . . and that means really huge smiles.

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Mosaic

Our brownies and our hometown are unlike any others. We’ve put them together to bring our great tastes and happy moments to Any Town USA, and beyond.

Ambiance: A small storefront on Beverly Drive, limited outdoor seating faces the main drag,

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Window

behind which the one window looking in to the BHBC sports a barquette lined with beautiful gold- and silver-flecked brownies, among others.

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Barquette

We enter and are confronted with more choices than we can handle. The tall ceilings and minimal decorations in the white space ensure that all eyes are on the brownies, untouchable behind a glass window.

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Display

In the corner, a condiment bar holds boxes for packing up brownies to go, as well as dressing coffee/beverages, which were the farthest things from our minds.

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Condiment Bar

What I ordered: We knew immediately that we would be taking the Chocolate Mint Chip ($3.50),

When you hear someone talking about the Andes, do you see images of the spectacular mountain range that spans 7 countries in South America? We see morsels of the spectacular chocolate and mint-layered candies that share the same name . . . and a home with the Beverly Hills Brownie Company®. We’ve sprinkled them throughout our deliciously dark chocolate brownies, and even shaved some on top to make pretty little green and brown snowflakes. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from getting to you.

As you would expect from something bearing the Beverly Hills namesake, our brownies are as beautiful as they are luxurious. Each of our brownies is handmade using the finest premium ingredients, and of course, none is made with trans fats or added preservatives. What’s more, they are uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has an edge on each side and a center. That means chewiness in each bite, and that means total taste satisfaction…

…and that translates to mega smiles.”

the Cookies & Cream ($3.50),

What do you get when you take tiny morsels of the best-selling cookie in America, and mix them into the best-selling brownie in our All-American lineup? Heaven on earth. We’ve created our very own sandwich treat – with brownies, of course! Two delicate layers of Simply Classic brownie, packed together with a cream cheese filling loaded with tiny bits of those wonderfully famous cream sandwich cookies; all topped with a butter-cream-cheese frosting. Twist off the top, lick off the cream filling, and say ‘welcome back’ to the kid inside.


The Pure Platinum ($3.50),

As precious as the metal for which she was named, this is our fair lady of the collection. Our un-brown-brownie is composed of a rich meritage of vanilla flavors, with Guittard vanilla chips, Madagascar-style-American-made vanilla extract, and delicate swirls of silky vanilla glaze on top. Creamy and chewy and totally satisfying with each bite, this unlikely brownie suspect is beloved by chocoholics and vanilla-philes alike.

and the Mocha Latte ($3.50).

This incredibly lightweight brownie is anything but light on flavor!Made from the dreamiest dark cocoa and espresso, these cake-like wonders are rich and luscious and totally mag.  Add in a sprinkling of California walnuts and a creamy coffee-flavored glaze, and the result is an amazing combination of flavors.  As an added bonus, this doubly-caffeinated-delight will probably deliver a nice jolt of energy right before the euphoria sets in.

What I loved: My sister and I both agreed that the Mocha brownie stole the show! While the sugar cookie-like Platinum was intriguing and cake-like, the mint an abundance of Andes perfect flavor, the Cookies & Cream came in last for us.

Why I loved it: A novel idea, building on the cupcake and cake pop craze, this brownie shop needs to be in more than just this one place.

Cost: Average ($3.50 per brownie)

Beverly Hills Brownie Co Decor

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