Cherry on Top

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( – Cypress, California

Cherry on Top

How I heard of this place: My sister mentioned a new fro-yo shop that recently opened up around the corner. Despite our tradition of walking around the block to partake of a Thrifty ice cream cone, this time, we enjoyed something new and different.

Type of cuisine: Self-serve frozen yogurt with all the fixin’s you could dream of! Endless possibilities.

Cherry on Top Self-Serve

Ambiance: Enter the shopping strip locale to find a whimsical, bubbly space with white walls and furnishings accented by bright salmon and pale blue. Patrons enjoy the warmth of summer outside on the covered patio

Cherry on Top Patio

or indoors at booth seating directly across from the self-serve frozen yogurt dispensers.

Cherry on Top Landscape

Remakes of music from the 1980s creates nostalgia for us 30-somethings while the teeny-boppers giggle and and cackle at the flavors in their cups.

What I ordered: Sharing with a good friend of ours, we selected the Triple Chocolate, NSA Wild Strawberry and Vanilla, as well as a dash of Pistachio. Toppings included a touch of crumbled Kit Kat bars, a dusting of chocolate covered toffee and a small scoop of crushed Whoppers ($3.82 by weight). My husband kept his selection simple: Cake Batter and Salted Caramel frozen yogurts with white chocolate chips and caramel sauce, not to mention a few more über-sweet options ($4.37 by weight).

Cherry on Top Toppings

What I loved: My husband always makes the best selection – he has a knack for that when it comes to treats – even though I could only take a couple of bites.

Why I loved it: Cherry on Top provides a light-hearted space in which to entertain teenagers, treat the kids to something sweet or enjoy catching up with an old friend.

Cost: Varies based on weight

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