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( – SeaTac Airport, Washington

How I heard of this place: I lived in Seattle. I never tried it. I moved to South Africa, where the first Seattle’s Best Coffee had opened in the late 1990s, and two of my closest friends decided to surprise me with a taste of home for my birthday. This was my second visit to SBC, as it was the only available coffee shop outside of the security gates nearest my parents’ outbound gate.

Type of cuisine: Since 1980, Seattle’s Best Coffee has been satisfying coffee lovers’ dmand for great coffee, fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience.

Coffee, flavored coffee beverages and a miniature selection of pastries and grab’n-go sandwiches. Select your favorites as you make your way through the line to the cashier/barista, who unamusedly takes your order and creates your beverage.

Ambiance: Set directly behind the ticket counters at SeaTac airport in between the security gates for A and C & D, the waxed tile floors of the airport make for the perfect spot to place patio seating. Inside the bright fluorescent-lit space of SBC, a handful of seats are available for patrons wishing to dine in, still offering ample space for the longingly wished-for crowds to enter. The counter separating our lonely and blasé, disinterested barista from the six of us in the establishment gives way to a small glass display of pastries, cashier and espresso machine, at the end of which we may claim our untopped cups of java concoctions.

What I ordered: For my father, a small mocha ($3.20), a small Frozen Caramel Latte ($3.35) for me and a medium one, topped with whipped cream for my husband ($3.95). My mom was interested in a scone, so we selected two: White Chocolate Apricot and Lemon Curd.

SBC SeaTac

What I loved: What the Frozen Caramel Latte lacked in sweetness and flavor, the white chocolate apricot scone made up for it. Warmed, however, the scones would have given us the flavor, texture and lightly sweet afternoon treat for which we stopped by SBC.

Why I loved it: Conveniently located for an airport drop-off and enjoyment of the company we kept.

Cost: Average ($3 – $5 per espresso beverage and pastry)

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