Peking Gourmet Inn

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( – Bailey’s Crossroads, Falls Church, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Our dear friends, and monthly dinner companions introduced us to Peking Gourmet as the best Chinese food in the area…or anywhere for that matter. A week before we moved from the area, the special occasion called for a special dinner at this grand establishment.

Peking Gourmet Inn

Type of cuisine: In 1978, Eddie Tsui wanted to open a restaurant specializing in a unique northern chinese cuisine. After deciding on Peking Duck as the specialty, Peking Gourmet Inn was born. Realizing that store-bought ingredients were not adequate to generate the authentic taste he was seeking, he opted to go the route of growing his own jumbo spring onions, as well as formulating his own recipe for hoisin sauce and hand crafting each pancake.

PG Duck

Today, we at Peking Gourmet Inn continue to uphold the methods and traditions set forth by its founder, ensuring that delicious and authentic flavor. We will strive to do our very best so that every experience with Peking Gourmet Inn is an enjoyable one.”

Ambiance: We entered this strip mall parking lot to find a boring red awning and yellow font indicating we had arrived at our destination: Peking Gourmet Inn. We entered to find that we had suddenly joined the masses of diplomats, generals and even presidents who have dined at this location, easily taking us into the heart of a restaurant in China.

Peking Gourmet Interior

An expansive space ahead, the bar to our left and a smaller, yet still intricately detailed and beautiful room at our backs, we took our seats, but continued to stare at the beautiful space surrounding us.

Peking Gourmet Owner


Large lanterns hung throughout, continued to draw my attention throughout the meal.

PG Lantern

What I ordered: As I perused the leather-bound menu, my dining companions began to make their choices.

PG Menu

I started with a Shirley Temple, as my dining companions enjoyed mini glasses of tea.

PG Shirley Temple

For our appetizers, we enjoyed a bowl of the Chinese Winter Squash and Sea Scallop Soup (for two $11) with minced sea scallop and winter squash prepared with bits of ginger, cilantro and egg whites in a rich chicken broth.

PG Winter Squash Soup

The Barbecued Spareribs ($8)

PG Short Ribs

And Fried Dumplings ($6)

PG Dumplings

For our main entrees, served family style, I left the ordering to my dining companions, each of whom was all too happy to take on the ordering. Garlic Sprouts stir-fried with Chicken ($18.50), served for the first time in the Washington area.

PG Garlic Sprouts with Chicken

Orange Beef ($19)

PG Orange Beef

Black Pepper Sea Scallop ($22)

PG Sea Scallops

Fried Shrimp ($19)

PG Shrimp

And to satisfy our sweet tooth, after a filling and scrumptious meal, we couldn’t pass up the Toffee Apples ($8): chunks of Granny Smith apples fried and tossed in caramelized sugar, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and blanched to ease the stickiness that often makes such desserts hard to swallow.

PG Toffee Apple

What I loved: The Toffee Apples truly offered the perfect end to our ultimate meal, where each course continued to out-flavor the last, and each bite better than the one previously enjoyed. The consensus around the table is that the scallops offered the highest intensity of flavor with the perfect seasoning and delicate preparation. The Garlic Sprouts offered simple, yet abundant flavor of its crispy preparation perfectly combined with the juicy and tender bite-sized strips of chicken. Any of these dishes would have easily stood on its own, and the combination of them all…had us going back for more. And more. And more.

PG My Plate

Why I loved it: Excellent food, beautiful presentation, stunning decor and a lively space with friendly staff and efficiency in service. We might need to go back.

Cost: Average to high ($15 – $30 per family-style entree served with rice)

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