Honey Pig

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Honey Pig

(eathoneypig.com) – Annandale, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Our good friends and fellow-foodies, Eric & Sonja instructed us to put Honey Pig at the top of our restaurant list. We are so glad we did!

Honey Pig Grill without Meats

Type of cuisine: My husband and I began Honey Pig in 2008 with our son in mind. We wanted to create a restaurant that would offer affordable, quality food for people from all different walks of life. Today, we are happy to say that Honey Pig is known for just that–a fun, vibrant mixing bowl of all ages and cultures, coming together to enjoy the finest Korean BBQ at the lowest prices in town! Come visit us at one of our three locations! – Mickey (Co-Owner/Founder)

Honey Pig window

Ambiance: Tin walls surrounding this stand-alone, dark, windowless space make up for lack of view with brightly colored posters including menu options and photographs of each mouth-watering dish.

Honey Pig Staff Spot


Dozens and dozens of diners stuff their faces, as even more await their number to appear on the digital screen near the limited-bench-seating of the waiting area.

Honey Pig Dining Crowds


Loud music, including the Korean favorite: Gangnam Style play overhead, increasing the volume of conversation and laughter, and the speed and energy with which we devour our freshly grilled meals.

What I ordered: Apart from the individual rice bowls and mini kim-chi servings unlike other places we have tried (fruit and raisins?),

Honey Pig Kim Chi

we chose five meats to share between the four of us: Pork Belly, otherwise known as thick-cut bacon ($13.99), Boneless Ribs ($15.99), Bulgogi ($14.99), Squid & Pork ($14.99) and Spicy Chicken ($14.99).

Honey Pig Grill

What I loved: My favorite, as often is the case: Bulgogi! The boneless ribs and crisp, fatty pork belly surprised me with their intensity of flavor, tenderness and bold marinades.

Honey Pig Spicy Chicken

Why I loved it: While the music is loud – probably to keep people from talking, ensure they are eating and able to get out quickly enough to seat the dozens awaiting to partake of the lustrous foods – and the space full of young energy, the food is unparalleled. The staff are running from table to table to ensure that the meats on each grill are turned and ready, engaging little with their customers, but ensuring high quality food and an efficiency unlike any.

Honey Pig Rice Bowl

The variety and tambre, flavor and taste of the meats, though, is what will keep us coming back and recommending Honey Pig as one of the top places to enjoy on a visit to the Beltway.

Cost: Average ($13 – $16 per dinnertime meat selection)

I love Honey Pig

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