Quiero Mas

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Leon, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: We walked by, in search of the previous comedor, which was closed on this Sunday afternoon. So, we headed across the street to Quiero Mas.

Quiro Mas

Type of cuisine: A comedor with local cuisine served (usually) by the women of the house.

Ambiance: An orange awning outside, doors wide open to reveal the clean, white plastic seating options available to us just ahead of the buffet display of our dining options. Inside, the dirty white walls with orange accents added punch and flavor to the otherwise bleak space. An armoir of packaged cookies and cakes, two, red, side-by-side, glass-front refrigerators with bottled beverages, and our menu options.

Orange Interior

What I ordered: Chris surprised me when I saw that his plate was quite simply populated: white rice, red beans, queso frito and fried chicken.

Fried Chicken & Pinto

I partook of the seasoned and grilled chicken breast with a side of queso frito, pickled slaw, pico de gallo and half of a fried plantain.


One limonada and one arroz con pina (a strange, Pepto-pink, uber-sweet beverage), included in our meals, and we were set.


What I loved: The chicken was smashing! It reminded me of the Peruvian chicken we so enjoy at home in Arlington. Immaculately seasoned, grilled to juicy perfection, and served without skin and bones. Plantains, too, are always the my favorite dessert.

Why I loved it: Simple. Tasty. Ready when you are!

Cost: Low to average (C$45 – C$150 per plate)

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